Ask everyone to freeze in a dramatic position and film them. That’s how you get the Mannequin Challenge, an internet fever that has caught on in many countries. India included. And demonetisation has set the perfect scenario for the challenge.

This hilarious video captures reactions every common man must have witnessed by now – the excitement of seeing the new Rs 2000 note, reflections on why Sonam Gupta is bewafa, and of course, the seemingly never-ending queue to withdraw cash which inevitably sparks a brawl with the security guard.


The Mannequin Challenge started by a group of teenagers from a high school in the United States through a video on Twitter.

The challenge became even more popular when American hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd pulled off the challenge at a concert in Denver. The audience froze to the song Black Beatles, which soon became the background music in the videos of the mannequin challenges.

Even politicians didn’t miss out on having fun with the challenge. Among those who went in for it are Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. There was also a famous session in the White House after the US Presidential Freedom Awards were given, including stars like Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro and Ellen DeGeneres.