Awful dancing? Check. OTT acting? Check. Cheesy Bollywood songs, overdone edits, slow-motion shots? Check, check, check.

Stand-up comedian Abhish Mathew’s latest video laughs at a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular these days. Pre-wedding videos are apparently a way to introduce people to your love story, asking them to save the date.

However, more often than not, these films are an exercise in what not to do. Mathew says, “It is so cringeworthy, I had to detox myself with some Taher Shah.”

The comic artist reckons every viewer has seen – or had friends making – at least one such video. “And if you’re planning on doing it...don’t!,” he advises before proceeding to show what the video may actually look like.

The chorus is enough to make most people change their minds and send out traditional invites. “It’s the wedding season, and there’s no good reason, chalo music video banwaye (let’s make a music video).”