The old-fashioned gas cylinders found in every urban home are treacherous. A simple mistake or casual forgetfulness can leave the valve turned on and cause a fire.

Perhaps it is this very fear that has led the video above to go viral. Posted on Facebook Sunday, the video had been viewed more than six million times, and shared over 200,000 times, by Tuesday .

In the video, a policeman succinctly describes what do in case a cylinder catches fire. Which is: smother the flames with a wet cloth.

Apparently millennials are increasingly turning to videos as their preferred form of how-to guidance. “Although we see these searches across age groups, it’s most pronounced among millennials,” Google’s David Mogensen said in a report put out by the company.

“In fact, 67 percent of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn,” he wrote. According to the report, “...the top 10 how-to searches on YouTube include: how to tie a tie, how to curl your hair with a straightener and how to get a six-pack in three minutes. And the most popular? How to kiss.”