People can’t have enough of watching police officer Shrestha Thakur standing up boldly to an angry crowd of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) activists after a party worker was fined and arrested on Thursday in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

Pramod Lodhi, a district-level BJP worker, was fined Rs 200 on Thursday for not having the right papers for his vehicle, after which he was arrested for allegedly misbehaving with police officers. On Friday, several BJP activists hit the streets shouting anti-police slogans (“Police prashasan murdabad”) outside the district court compound and tried to keep Lodhi from being produced in court.

Thakur stepped in at this moment, stating, “Please go and get written orders from the chief minister that the police have no right to check vehicles...that we can’t do our job.”

The BJP activists then accused the police of accepting bribes, Rs 2,000 to be precise, and of falsely arresting Lodhi, to which Thakur responded, “We don’t leave our families at night for fun, it is our duty.” She even told the crowd she would charge them for creating public disorder.

Thakur continued, “You are bringing a bad name to your party... people will soon start saying that you are BJP’s goondas.”

The crowd dispersed, but the BJP district unit president Himanshu Mittal told The Hindustan Times, “We have spoken to the deputy chief minister and a few others. The police have been given two days’ time to investigate the issue and take action against the circle officer. If that does not happen, we will approach our state unit for further directions.”