Does India’s Gurjar community get a bad reputation because of the action of a few individuals? Two musicians, Addy Nagar and Khatri, seem to think so, which is why they are trying to set the record straight with their song (above) titled Main Bhi Gurjar Hoon.

The artists sing of the good deeds of the community, accompanied by visuals that switch between Gurjar men on tractors and what appears to be their inherently pastoral life.

People of the community hold up placards during the chorus, saying things like “I am a Gurjar and I am not rude”, and “I am a Gurjar and I am against giving and taking dowry”.

The musicians have explained their motivation: “People in India are not well known about the community and a negative thought process is followed by everyone. Kindly read more information on Wikipedia but do not judge the whole community by the act of some fools.”