Walk through the streets of Melbourne and, if you’re lucky, you will come across an eclectic, dynamic pair of busking guitarists. The duo experiment with their acoustic guitars to make music that combines rock and flamenco techniques with progressive arrangements. The result is a dazzling performance such as in the video above

The street performers call themselves Opal Ocean, and are well-known in Australia, especially Melbourne, for their vibrant, entrancing street performances. Nadav Tabak and Alex Champ, from New Zealand and New Caledonia respectively, were both living in New Zealand, busking, playing guitar and even attending the same concerts before they finally found each other in Melbourne in 2013.

Tabak told The Music, “When we came over here I was actually busking at the Queen Victoria Market and his [Champ’s] partner saw me, and she heard me busking, and she thought I was him!” She then urged him to meet and jam with Champ, recalls Tabak, which was how they started their unique music endeavour.

Their performances showcase impressive finger-picking and guitar-drumming skills, inspired by artists like Rodrigo y Gabriela, Opeth and John Butler, creating an eclectic wall of sound that distinguishes them from other street performers. You can watch them delivering some more brilliant performances below (brownie points for people who can see their fingers moving):