In Bengaluru, what do you do when even the app fails you? You rap about it.

To co-opt its citizens into spotting potholes – not that they’re hidden away – the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike had launched an app. It enables people to upload pictures of potholes and, if they aren’t fixed within 48 hours, claim money from the city.

Yet the potholes persist. Enter Pothole Patrike, a group of young people from the city who have decided to bow to the inevitable and sing out their angst. And so they rap: “It’s not like before, now I am riding slow. Even if the road is straight, no, I cannot go. Why? Why bro?”

And they provide the answer too: “I am busy all the way. Doing what? Spotting the holes.”

Not that the group holds out much hope of change: “No matter how much we rant, it is a waste.”