Are celebrities and products always well-matched in advertisements? Maybe not, suggests stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian in his routine.

His first example: John Abraham and face-wash. It’s one thing for Abraham to endorse his fitness coach, suggests Subramanian wickedly, but when it comes to his face...

Subramanian’s piece de resistance is his hilarious take-off on Hema Malini, who endorses a brand of water filters. What if that were conflated with her performance in the evergreen hit Sholay? What is Basanti stood up to Veeru’s instruction not to dance for Gabbar’s men?

Are you a fan of advertisements? If the answer is no, then you will thoroughly enjoy this comedy routine (above). If the answer is yes, you will laugh at the hilarious video anyway.

Because stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian is neither. He admits to the audience, “I get influenced by advertisements. So much that I end up buying stuff.” But where his heart really lies is in actor John Abraham, and in Hema Malini’s unconditional trust in Kent’s water purifier.

Comedians usually end up poking fun at celebrities during such routines, but Subramanian goes out of the way to prove how big a fan he is of Abraham. “I’m a fan, man, let me prove it. Okay, come on, Madras Cafe – it’s still by far one of my favourite restaurants. By far,” he jokes.

However, commenting on Hema Malini’s seemingly blind trust for the Kent water purifier in the advertisements is where he really takes the cake. With a caricatured enactment of one of the most famous scenes from Sholay – the one where Veeru (Dharmendra) commands Basanti (Hema Malini) not to dance in front of Gabbar’s men – watch how Subramanian proved his point (whatever that was).