Right now, everyone knows who Hannes Thór Halldórsson is. He is the goalkeeper who stopped Argentina’s Lionel Messi from scoring a penalty against Iceland on Saturday.

But just a few years before the 34-year-old saved a penalty from one of the world’s greatest football players of all times, Halldórsson was making films. Four years ago, like many other players from the Iceland football team who hold second jobs, football was just a part-time affair, along with filmmaking.

And even though he’s turned to football full-time now with Randers FC in Denmark, Halldórsson made directed a Coca-Cola advertisement film for World Cup 2018 for Iceland (above). Don’t miss the way the famous Viking clap has been built into the video.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video.

Earlier, Halldórsson had worked on the Icelandic entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, with a music video for the song Never Forget by Greta Salome and Jonsi (below). More of his work, which includes documentaries and music videos, is featured on his YouTube channel.

According to ESPN, SagaFilm, the company he worked for, has promised him that he can go back to working for them after he retires from football.