There is very little one can do when stuck in traffic for hours on end. But a mother from Colorado refused to let the wait dampen her spirit and jumped out of her car to perform a jig to a Backstreet Boys tune to entertain her children.

When the boy band’s hit song Everybody came on the radio, Wendy Chupp Gossett danced her heart out to the tune as her two children watched from the car.

“We had been sitting for 4.5 hours in what looked like a zombie apocalypse on I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs,” Chupp Gossett said, according to CBS4. But judging by his reaction, her son did not seem to be very thrilled. “Maybe if it hadn’t been the Backstreet boys he would have been happier!” his mother said.

No one joined her in the La La Land-esque dance sequence, but it was probably for the best, considering the dangers of dancing in the middle of a highway.