The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in January saw some powerful voices calling out the rich during multiple panel discussions. First, a video where Dutch historian Rutger Bregman criticised billionaires for not paying taxes went viral. And now, another one showing Oxfam director Winnie Byanyima taking down former Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman is doing the rounds.

Goldman alleged that the panel he was a part of was “one-sided”, and that no one was talking about the decreased levels of unemployment across the globe. Byanyima hit back, saying that the quality of the jobs that are available does not bring a life of dignity to workers.

She recounted incidents about a taxi driver in Kenya who could not afford to rent a room by himself, and a poultry worker in the US who had to wear diapers to work because she wasn’t allowed toilet breaks. “The quality of the jobs matters,” Byanyima said at WEF 2019. “Don’t tell me about low levels of unemployment, you are counting the wrong things. You are not counting dignity of people, you are counting exploited people.”