24-year-old Kekho Thiamkho, Arunachal Pradesh’s youngest music director and a rapper, has released a new rap song titled Save Arunachal. The song stands as a mark of protest against the killings reported from the state during the protests that started on Friday.

Two people were killed and several others injured in protests that raged through Arunachal Pradesh over the weekend. The citizens of the state are protesting against the proposal to grant permanent resident certificate (PRC) to six non-Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe (ASPT) communities.

According to Kekho, he came up with the rap song in a single day because he was incensed by the deaths in the protest. In his song Kekho talks about the widespread encroachment on the rights of tribal people in his state. He also mentions the high-handedness of security officials “in uniform, who kill their own people”.

The state government decided on Sunday to take no further action in the matter.