A young policewoman from Gujarat was suspended after a video of her dancing to a Bollywood song went viral on social media sites.

Arpita Chaudhary, who was recruited to the Lok Rakshak Dal, filmed TikTok videos of herself dancing in front of a lock-up inside Langhnaj police station in Mehsana district.

“Chaudhary has violated the rules,” Deputy Superintendent of Police Manjitha Vanzara said, reported PTI. “She was not in uniform while on duty. Secondly, she shot a video of herself inside the Langhnaj village police station. Police personnel should follow discipline, which she has not done and hence suspended.”

According to authorities, the video was shot on July 20 and then circulated on Whatsapp and social media sites. Other TikTok videos of the policewoman have also emerged.