Film buff and writer Lauren Wilford is back with a new imitation video. This time she’s spoofing Hollywood’s women actors in the 1970s. Reminding social media users of actors Diane Keaton, Natalie Wood and Jane Fonda, Wilford recites dialogue which particularly capture the vibe of that decade.

With her hair in loose, straight waves, wearing oversized, brown-tinted sunglasses, Wilford hilariously enacts lines like, “If you’re trying to make it with me, Buster, you’re going to need better lines than that”, and “I just think you’re being very hostile, Walter. It’s your hostility that I, a woman, am succeeding in a man’s world”, symbolising an era famous for films such as Network (1976), McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971) and The Last Picture Show (1971).

The Rhode Island-based writer has performed similar acts earlier too.