A video of opera singer Ayleen Jovita Romero in Chile defying the silence curfew in place and singing Victor Jara’s The Right to Live in Peace has gone viral on social media. The soprano sang the song from her balcony at night and invoked a huge round of applause from people living in the neighbourhood.

Chile has been under the grip of civil protests that began as a result of a 4 cent increase in the subway fare, Washington Post reported. Although the order was withdrawn on October 19, the protests intensified, and President Sebastián Piñera announced a state of emergency in the country. A curfew has also been imposed.

A few days ago, another video of Chilean protestors singing Victor Jara’s The Right to Live in Peace had surfaced on social media. Jara was a Chilean folk singer and political activist who was tortured and killed by a military dictatorship in 1973.

The video from the streets of Chile had claimed that almost a million people participated in the singing. Inspired by it, Chilean musicians from all over the world created a video collaboration to record another version of Jara’s anthem.

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