In a number of disturbing videos from Thursday, November 7, Bolivian mayor Patricia Arce of Vint can be seen being roughed up and humiliated by protestors (above). She was marched barefoot through the streets, her hair was forcibly cut, and she was doused in red paint. She was also forced to sign a resignation letter, and protesters can heard chanting “murderer.”

According to reports, Arce was accused of bussing in supporters of former president Evo Morales to break down blockades that anti-government protesters had set up. She was also accused of being allowed the killings of two protestors by supporters of Morales.

Here is a video of her being interviewed by reporters after the ordeal ended, still being held by protesters.

The protests were triggered by Evo Morales winning a fourth term after Bolivia’s October elections. The vote count was, however, paused without explanation for up to 24 hours, and opponents believe the election was rigged.

This suspected fraud enraged protesters, fuelling a series of protests from October 21. Patricia Arce is a mayor belonging to the governing MAS (Movement for Socialism) Party, founded by Morales.

Amid pressure from citizens, the police and the army, Morales resigned on November 10.

Here are videos from the past few weeks of protests against Morales in Bolivia.

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