A wrestling match between two teenagers, a video of which was posted on Facebook, is inspiring social media users around the world. One of the two wrestlers, Lucas Lacina, has cerebral palsy, while the other, Austin Scranton displays what viewers are calling “true sportsmanship” in his match with his differently-abled opponent.

The one-minute-long video, which subsequently went viral, shows 14-year-old Lacina pinning down his opponent and winning the match. And at the end, Scranton is seeing helping Lacina back up while the crowds cheer them both on.

Lacina’s mother said of Scranton, “He had an amazing heart and he was patient and helped Lucas try to put to work the moves he has been practising all season. What I love the most though is the end when he helps Lucas off the mat where he is cheered on by his whole team.”

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