A brawl erupted at a Vancouver screening of the latest instalment of the “Star Wars” movies, The Rise of Skywalker, when a fan became upset at another viewer using their phone during the film.

According to EW.com, a man was allegedly punched during the fight. In the aftermath of the fight, filmed by another moviegoer, the fan is seen screaming at the cellphone user while being escorted out from the theatre.

“I am a real Star Wars fan,” he said. “I waited a goddamned year for this and some a-hole turned his phone on next to me! Use your f***ing heads.”

Joe Bond, who was allegedly punched, explained why he felt compelled to check his cellphone, in an interview with CTV News, “It was our [his and his wife’s] first night with a babysitter looking after both kids.”

“He lost it at me,” Bond said. “I told him to calm down and if he doesn’t calm down then I was going to get somebody – and then he hit me in the face.” He also commented, “Star Wars fans are very serious but I think this guy was on the next level.”

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