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🦘KINDNESS WINS🦘 🐨 AUSSIE KOALA BEAR RELIEF CHALLENGE by FITAID 🐨 This week, FITAID will donate 5% of all sales from FITAID ZERO directly to our brave family and friends fighting the devastating fires down in Australia. We will also be sending 10,000 cans of FITAID Down Under to help those hardworking men and women recover from their exhaustive relief efforts. Additionally, we are partnering with FITAID athlete @JamesNewbury’s GoFundMe to help raise even more funds for the firefighters, by asking each of you to do the #KoalaChallenge! Now through Friday, for every post shared of someone doing the Koala Challenge (photo/video), FITAID will donate $5 directly to the efforts of Australian wildlife protection services. Tag @FITAID in the post. (Must include #FITAID and #KoalaChallenge) . . . #koalachallenge #FITAID #Australia #wildlife #koalabears #DownUnder #firefighters #saveAustralia #FITAIDZERO #abetterwaytodrink #nature #giveback #wildlifeprotectionservice #recover #recovery #relief #challenge #gofundme #wildfires #outdoor #donation #brave #makeadifference #lifeaid #lifeaidbevco

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Since they began in September 2019, the Australian bushfires have killed at least 26 people and destroyed over 2,000 homes. Also severely affected by the fires are Australia’s animals, losing their lives and habitats to the ravaging flames.

Over 1.25 billion animals are believed to be dead and more than 30% of the koala’s habitat across the country has been destroyed in the bushfires. Koalas are currently listed as vulnerable to extinction, which is a category just above endangered, in Australia.

A recent online challenge (above and below), which asks participants to achieve koala-like movements in the gym, has started gaining momentum. Started by FITAID, a fitness beverage company, the challenge requires that one must lie flat on a workout bench, and then shift the entire body to hang from the underside of the bench. The body must not touch the floor or leave the bench.

Australian athlete James Newbury (above), has been among many to perform the challenge. When done correctly, participants end up hanging from the underside of the bench, looking much like a relaxed koala.

For every video that is posted on social media of someone doing the challenge, the company has said it will donate $5 to help raise money for the people, firefighters, and wildlife affected by the fires.

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