Shots were fired at students of Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi, close to midnight on February 2. Two attackers, one of them wearing a red jacket, came on a red scooter, said the Jamia Coordination Committee. “As per report, one of them was wearing a red jacket and driving a red scooty having vehicle no. 1532 or 1534,” a statement said.

According to accounts, the assailants were chased by the crowd but sped away. An eyewitness and student of the university (above) appeared visibly distraught in the aftermath of the shooting, describing the fear that ran through students, and asking whether the police would take adequate action.

After the incident, scores of people at the protest site gathered outside the Jamia Nagar police station to register a complaint, demanding immediate action (below). A first information report was filed under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code and the Arms Act, Assistant Commissioner of Police Jagdish Yadav told ANI.

“Agar mein das kadam aage hoti, voh (bullets) straight aake mujhe lagti [If I’d been standing just ten steps farther, the bullets would have come straight at me],” said the student, adding that “We are students, and to protest is our right. Now, if we don’t feel safe on the roads, at our university, how will we even feel safe at home? Right now they are shooting us on the roads, next they will come for our houses, we are not safe at all.”

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