A disturbing first-person account from freelance journalist Manav Sushil (above) describes how a mob of rioters attacked him while he attempted to film the mob violence that ensued about a week ago in Maujpur, among other parts of North East Delhi.

Sushil alleges that his team was made to disembark from their car, after which they tried to explain that “We are journalists, this is our profession. We can talk, let’s talk, this is a misunderstanding.” In response, they were beaten by a growing number of men.

Sushil then asserted his religious identity, which the mob of men asked him to “prove” by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa twice. He was also made to strip his lowers twice. “My penis became my identity card,” said Sushil. A gun loaded in front of him with a single bullet was also held to his torso.”

“My life is secure in this country solely because my penis is not circumcised,” said Sushil.

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