Sumit Antil won India’s second gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics setting and breaking his own world record thrice in men’s javelin throw F64 event on Monday. He finished with a best throw of 68.55m, taking the pole position comfortably.

Sandeep Chaudhary (F44 sport class but part of the F64 event) finished fourth. He started well but was unable to build on it and had a best throw was 62.20m. The event was expected to feature both Indians on the podium.

But Antil still made it a night to remember. He started with 66.95m in his very first attempt, which broke his previous personal best of 62.88m by a sizeable margin. He beat that on his second attempt with a massive effort of 68.08m as he led the field from the start.

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His next two attempts were 65.27m and 66.71m, both of which would have broken the record he had set at 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai. But the Indian saved the best for later as he threw 68.55m to better his world record for the third time in six attempts in the final.

However, Chaudhary had an off day by his standards registering three foul throws in his six as he was not satisfied with the marks.

Both Indian para athletes were competing together in the event which featured the F44 and F64 categories were clubbed into one combined event. At the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai, both Sandeep Chaudhary and Sumit Antil had created world records in their respective categories on the way to their gold and silver medals respectively in the F64.


These sport classes are designated for athletes with limb deficiencies, such as amputations or missing or shortened limbs from birth. All athletes in the 40s classes compete standing and do not use a wheelchair. In the sport classes 42-44 the legs are affected by the impairment and in the sport classes 45-47 the arms are affected, for example by above or below elbow amputations. Athletes with a leg deficiency who compete with a prosthesis are competing in classes T/F61- 64. For example, a shot putter with leg length difference competes in sport class F42. A shot putter with a single above knee amputation wearing a prosthesis competes in sport class F63.