10.27 pm: What a match, what a win for India. Renuka did a fine job in the Super Over, before Mandhana stamped her authority for the second time in the match. Australia women suffer their first T20I defeat of the year and it took a special effort from India. We’re at 1-1 in the five-match series.


AUS, Ball 6: Six. Healy whacks it over square leg.

AUS, Ball 5: Four. Another misfield by Jemimah in the deep. Australia need 11 off 1.

AUS, Ball 4: Single. Tahlia steps out and drives it to mid-off. Australia need 15 off 2.

AUS, Ball 3: Out! Gardner hits it hard but not hard enough, Radha takes the catch at long-off. Australia need 16 off 3. The next batter is Tahlia McGrath.

AUS, Ball 2: Single. Healy drives it to mid-off. Could have been a run-out with a direct hit.

AUS, Ball 1: Four! Healy stands well wide of off and hits it over mid-off.

10.20 pm: Australia need 21 runs to win and have sent skipper Alyssa Healy and Ash Gardner to the crease. Renuka Singh has the ball for India. Here we go!

IND, Ball 6: Mandhana slogs it on the leg side and runs three. India finish with 20 runs, with 13 for Mandhana.

IND, Ball 5: Six! What a shot! Mandhana hits it over long-off. What timing!

IND, Ball 4: Mandhana whacks it over point for four. There was no fielder in the deep. India’s score is 11.

IND, Ball 3: Just a single for Harmanpreet.

IND, Ball 2: Out! Richa miscues it and Heather steadies herself under the ball to take a fine return catch. The next batter for India is skipper Harmanpreet. This is the last wicket.

IND, Ball 1: Six! It’s in the slot and Richa hits it straight and long.

10.11 pm: Richa Ghosh and Smriti Mandhana are at the crease for India, with the former taking strike first. Debutant Heather Graham has the ball in hand. Here we go!

IND 187/5 (20 overs): Wow, what a finish! Devika manages to slice the last ball past point for four and the scores are tied at the end of 40 overs. What a match this has been, what an atmosphere in the stadium. This will be the first-ever Super Over for the Indian women’s cricket team.

It’s a tie! We’re going to a Super Over!

IND 183/5 (19.5 overs): Richa takes a single (again!). India need 5 off 1.

IND 182/5 (19.4 overs): Devika gets a single before Richa picks two. India need 6 off 2.

IND 179/5 (19.2 overs): Richa, surprisingly, takes a single off the first ball before Devika gets an outside edge for four. The bowler is Schutt. India need 9 off 4.

IND 174/5 (19 overs): An excellent over for Australia as Heather Graham, on debut, concedes just four runs in the penultimate over. India need 14 runs off the last six balls with Richa on strike.

IND 170/5 (18.2 overs): OUT! Deepti Sharma is out for 2 off 4 as Alana King gets her first wicket. Another twist in this fascinating battle. The new batter is Devika Vaidya.

IND 170/4 (18 overs): Richa Ghosh! The right-hander hits Ash Gardner for two sixes. Brilliant, clean ball-striking by the young right-hander. The DY Patil stadium is buzzing, India need 18 off 12.

IND 156/4 (17 overs): Six! Sutherland bowls it full and Richa hits it straight over for a maximum. Super shot! India now need 32 off 18.

IND 148/4 (16.3 overs): OUT! Oh dear, Smriti Mandhana is gone! She hits a straight six and then, uncharecteristically, attempts a scoop and ends up playing the ball onto the stumps. She walks back for 79 off 49. Annabel Sutherland gets the key wicket in her first over. Deepti Sharma joins Richa Ghosh at the crease, both batters were impressive in the first game.

IND 142/3 (15.5 overs): OUT! A disappointing dismissal for Harmanpreet. Heather, who was hit for six by Mandhana earlier in the over, bowls a full toss and the India captain hits it straight to deep mid-wicket. She walks back for 21 off 22 as Richa Ghosh comes to the crease.

IND 133/2 (15 overs): Harmanpreet slams one for four over mid-wicket and brings up the 50-run partnership with Mandhana off just 29 balls. But Garth does well to concede just two more runs in the rest of the over and finish with figures of 0/33.

IND 127/2 (14 overs): Another six-and-four combination for Mandhana. Schutt bowls it short and the left-hander pulls it all the way, before ending the over with an outside edge for four. India now need 61 off 36.

IND 112/2 (13 overs): FIFTY for Smriti Mandhana! The left-hander gets there off 37 balls with a six and four off Alana King. This has been a high class knock by her, with eight fours and a six.

IND 101/2 (12 overs): Garth was about to close out a tidy over but Mandhana ends it with a glorious drive over mid-off for four.

IND 93/2 (11 overs): Harmanpreet gets going with a six! Gardner tosses it up and the right-hander brings out her trademark slog sweep. India now need 95 off 54.

IND 81/2 (9.4 overs): OUT! One brings two! Heather Graham, on debut, traps Jemimah Rodrigues in front. The right-hander tried to work it across but was struck plumb in front. She walks back for 4 off 4 as skipper Harmanpreet Kaur comes to the crease.

IND 76/1 (8.4 overs): OUT! Leg-spinner Alana King joins the attack and gives Australia the breakthrough. Shafali Verma hits it straight to cover and walks back for an entertaining 34 off 23. The new batter is Jemimah Rodrigues.

IND 74/0 (8 overs): Shot! Schutt drops it short and Shafali pulls it for six. The timing in that shot was brilliant. India continue to motor along.

IND 65/0 (7 overs): Another good over for India, 10 runs from it. Gardner returns to the attack and Mandhana manages to drive one just past mid-on for four.

IND 55/0 (6 overs): Right-arm pacer Heather Graham, on debut, concedes eight runs in her first over as Mandhana plays a stylish back-foot punch for four.

IND 47/0 (5 overs): Big over! Perry joins the attack and Shafali hits her for two fours – first past point and then past mid-on. Five wides too in that over. To make matters worse for Australia, Schutt drops a straightforward catch at deep cover to give Shafali a reprieve.

IND 31/0 (4 overs): Garth concedes just two runs off the first five balls but Shafali manages to lift the last one over mid-on for four.

IND 25/0 (3 overs): Schutt joins the attack and Shafali survives twice as the ball falls short of mid-on before falling just behind mid-off. The right-hander then ends the over with a solid drive for four straight over.

IND 17/0 (2 overs): Three more fours for Mandhana! The left-hander hits Garth through square leg, over mid-on and past cover. Superb batting.

IND 4/0 (1 over): Australia start with spin as Gardner takes the ball and Mandhana manages to pick a boundary through square leg. But just the four runs from the over.

AUS 187/1 (20 overs): Renuka concedes five wides in the last over but does well to concede just nine runs. But what an epic partnership that was between Beth Mooney (82* off 54) and Tahlia McGrath (70* off 51). The dup added 58 runs for the second wicket – the biggest partnership ever for Australia in women’s T20I cricket.

Australia finish with 187/1

AUS 178/1 (19 overs): Hat-trick for fours for Mooney as she goes after Deepti. This has been another masterclass by the left-hander. She’s hit boundaries to all corners.

Mooney-McGrath partnerships vs India so far: 126 & 10* in ODIs; 25, 44, 1, 4, 100*, 130+ (today) in T20Is.

AUS 163/1 (18 overs): Shot! Devika gives it some air and Mooney steps out a bit t drive it over the cover region for four. Such a classy shot. Nine runs come from that over.

AUS 154/1 (17 overs): Back-to-back fours for Tahlia. The right-hander drives one from Anjali past mid-wicket and follows that up with a thumping drive straight over.

AUS 138/1 (15.1 overs): FIFTY for Beth Mooney. She gets there off 38 balls with a pull for four (as Radha bowls a rank half-tracker). She continues to look a class apart.

AUS 132/1 (14.4 overs): FIFTY for Tahlia McGrath! She gets there off 37 balls with a four and six (the first of the match) off Devika. The right-hander has bossed the innings so far.

AUS 120/1 (14 overs): Mooney flicks/whips the ball behind square for four before ending the over with another boundary past point. This time Renuka is the bowler at the receiving end.

AUS 108/1 (13 overs): Three fours for Mooney in that over – two on the off side and one on the leg. Another misfield in there as Jemimah doesn’t stop the ball at the boundary to leak the third four.

AUS 93/1 (12 overs): Deepti with a tidy over, just four runs from it. She had a chance off the last ball as Mooney hit the ball straight back powerfully but the ball didn’t stick in the off-spinner’s hand.

AUS 89/1 (11 overs): Leg-spinner Devika Vaidya joins the attack and Tahlia reverse sweeps her first delivery for four. Nine runs come from that over.

AUS 80/1 (10 overs): Anjali bowls a slower ball, Tahlia moves across and pulls it in the gap for four. Mooney then attempts a scoop and ends up adding four byes to her team’s total. That brings up the 50-run stand between these two off 39 balls. Australia are in a solid position at the halfway stage of their innings.

AUS 69/1 (9 overs): Another classy stroke from Mooney. Radha tosses it up and the left-hander sweeps it over the in-field and in the gap for four.

AUS 63/1 (8 overs): Meghna joins the attack and offers a juicy half-volley to Tahlia first up, the right-hander drives it confidently through cover and mid-off for four. Mooney then attempts a pull and gets a top edge for four, before Tahlia ends the over with a powerful square cut for four. Australia motor on.

AUS 49/1 (7 overs): Radha Yadav joins the attack and does well to slip in a rare, boundary-less over. Just three runs from it.

AUS 46/1 (6 overs): Dropped! Would you believe it, it’s Radha Yadav again. Arguably India’s best fielder, Radha had dropped two catches in the first game and she’s given Tahlia a reprieve here by letting the ball burst through her hands at point for four. Deepti the unlucky bowler.

Shafali Verma is having a chat with the commentators while fielding: “It wasn’t the shoulder, I just couldn’t breathe properly for a minute because of the impact of the dive.”

AUS 39/1 (5 overs): Tahlia seemed to get a reprieve as there was a sound as the ball passed her, but Richa couldn’t take the catch (tough chance). The right-hander then punches a slightly short delivery by Anjali for four.

Correction: The catch to dismiss Alyssa Healy was taken by Devika Vaidya.

AUS 29/1 (3.3 overs): OUT! Deepti Sharma joins the attack and gets India the breakthrough. Alyssa Healy was looking dangerous but she miscues one and is caught by Jemimah Rodrigues for 25 off 15. The new batter is Tahlia McGrath.

AUS 27/0 (3 overs): Another expensive over as Healy continues to find the boundaries. The right-hander drives one past point and follows that up with a superb straight drive. Renuka isn’t getting much swing.

AUS 16/0 (2 overs): A bit of an injury scare for India as Shafali puts in a dive in the deep, misfields and concedes four, and injures her shoulder (it seems). But she isn’t off the field, which is great. Healy, meanwhile, picks up another four in the over with a stylish flick. Expensive start from Anjali.

AUS 7/0 (1 over): Healy is up and running. Renuka drops one slightly short and the right-hander pulls it hard in the gap for four.

7.00 pm: Right, all the formalities are done and we’re ready for play. Renuka has the new ball in hand. Here we go!

Playing XIs

India: Shafali Verma, Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Devika Vaidya, Richa Ghosh (wk), Deepti Sharma, Radha Yadav, Anjali Sarvani, Meghna Singh, Renuka Thakur.

Australia: Alyssa Healy (c, wk), Beth Mooney, Tahlia McGrath, Ashleigh Gardner, Ellyse Perry, Phoebe Litchfield, Annabel Sutherland, Heather Graham, Alana King, Kim Garth, Megan Schutt.

TOSS: India have won the toss and opted to field first. They have an unchanged playing XI.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the second T20 International between India and Australia at the DY Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai.

After a nine-wicket defeat in the first T20I, Harmanpreet Kaur and Co will be determined to draw level in the five-match series. India put up a formidable total in the first match, thanks to key contributions from Richa Ghosh and Deepti Sharma, but were let down by their fielding (as well as bowling plans) as Beth Mooney played a masterful knock. The hosts, who are without a head coach at the moment, will be keen to bounce back tonight and build momentum as they prepare for the upcoming ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa.

India vs Australia, 1st T20I as it happened: Beth Mooney stars as visitors win by 9 wickets

India’s squad for the T20I series against Australia: Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Smriti Mandhana (vc), Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia (wk), Jemimah Rodrigues, Deepti Sharma, Radha Yadav, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Renuka Singh Thakur, Meghna Singh, Anjali Sarvani, Devika Vaidya, S Meghana, Richa Ghosh (wicket-keeper), Harleen Deol.

Net bowlers: Monika Patel, Arundhati Reddy, SB Pokharkar, Simran Bahadur.

Australia’s squad for the T20I series against India: Alyssa Healy (c), Tahlia McGrath (vc), Darcie Brown, Nicola Carey, Ashleigh Gardner, Kim Garth, Heather Graham, Grace Harris, Jess Jonassen, Alana King, Phoebe Litchfield, Beth Mooney, Ellyse Perry, Megan Schutt, Annabel Sutherland.

Schedule for the series (IST)

Day    Date    Time  Match    Venue   
Friday    9th December    Aus won by 9 wickets 1st T20I    DY Patil Stadium  
Sunday    11th December    7 pm  2nd T20I    DY Patil Stadium 
Wednesday    14th December    7 pm  3rd T20I    CCI   
Saturday    17th December    7 pm  4th T20I    CCI   
Tuesday    20th December    7 pm  5th T20I    CCI