Player of the match: Shafali Verma for her 78 off 34.

End of innings: A dominating performance with both the bat and ball by India. Led by Shafali and Sehrawat with the bat, the Indian bowlers led by Sadhu and Shabnam upfront defended the big total with great ease. Good spirit from UAE captain Satish who was the only one who put up a fight in the first over believes there is much to take away from India’s approach and what a difference exposure and experience can mean for players.

UAE 97/5 (20 overs): India win by 122 runs!

Just the six runs off Parshavi in the final over and India register a massive victory for Shafali and Co. After a batting performance like that, granted that it was tough to put up a resistance but UAE really had no clue against the Indian bowlers.

UAE 91/5 (19.3): OUT! Keny steps down and plays an aggressive lofted on drive but Richa has her stumped.

UAE 91/4 (19 overs): The penultimate over is bowled by Mendhiya and UAE score seven runs off it.

UAE 84/4 (18 overs): India closing in on a big win and Parshavi concedes just four runs off her over.

UAE 80/4 (17 overs): Four runs and a wicket off Mendhiya’s over.

UAE 76/4 (16.2 overs): OUT! Keny edges one for a run but some excellent fielding by Trisha and Mendhiya ensure Gaur is run-out.

UAE 76/3 (16 overs): Parshavi Chopra given an opportunity to bowl as India are closing out the innings. Just the three runs off her over.

UAE 73/3 (15 overs): Another six by Gaur. With just five overs to go, UAE would benefit if they look to score a boundary or two every over. 9 runs off it.

UAE 64/3 (14 overs): Archana varies it by pitching the deliveries up, just four runs off it.

UAE 60/3 (13 overs): Yeah, UAE loosen up a little bit finally. They’re finally trying to run for singles ateast. Six runs off Shafali’s over.

UAE 54/3 (12 overs): Finally! A sweep off Archana for six by Gaur. Seven runs off the over.

UAE 47/3 (11 overs): Spin to continue as Shafali brings herself on. Just two runs off it.

UAE 45/3 (10 overs): Some off-spin from Archana is brought on and it’s the same story from the UAE batters. Not much intent to attack or alter their batting plans. Three runs from it.

UAE 42/3 (9 overs): UAE are looking to hold on to their wickets and compromise on the run-scoring instead but India are managing to find the breakthroughs anyway. Just the two runs and a wicket off Kashyap’s over.

UAE 40/3 (8.2 overs): OUT! Rinitha Rajith moves down the pitch but swings and misses while attempting a drive and it is followed by a quick stumping by Richa.

UAE 40/2 (8 overs): Shafali has decided to bowl out Sadhu upfront here, fair. She finishes with a stunning 1/14 in four overs.

UAE 38/2 (7 overs): Mannat Kashyap bowls her first and continues with the miserly bowling for India. Credit to the Indian bowlers but UAE have to go for it at some point.

UAE 35/2 (6 overs): Wicket maiden for Sadhu. She’s bowling on auto-pilot, nearly relentless.

UAE 35/2 (5.2 overs): OUT! The pressure was building up and Sadhu is awarded with a wicket. Dharnidharka has to depart for 9.

UAE 35/1 (5 overs): UAE now stuck in a rut. No intent really since Satish’s dismissal. Just two runs off the over as Shabnam continues to pile the pressure on.

UAE 33/1 (4 overs): Great recovery from the Indian bowlers after the first over assault by Satish. They have worked on their lines and are not giving away the runs easily. Just the one run off Sadhu’s over.

UAE 32/1 (3 overs): Much better from Shabnam in this over. Just the two runs off it.

UAE 30/1 (2 overs): Sadhu almost had Dharnidharka as she edged outside off but the ball goes past Richa for four runs. 13 runs off the over.

UAE 17/1 (1 over): An eventful first over! The runs scored by UAE all came off boundaries and with Shabnam under pressure, a wicket was crucial. Satish went down attempting a big shot again. A tad too adventurous, perhaps.

UAE 17/1 (0.5 overs): OUT! Sathish throws it away. A blistering start by the opener as she scored four back-to-back boundaries but she loses her wicket going for one more. She has to depart for 16. Good comeback from Shabnam.

UAE openers Theertha Satish and Lavanya Keny are out in the middle.

India innings: A dominating show by India’s top three. Shafali and Shweta starred with a brilliant opening partnership while Richa carried it forward. Although Richa’s innings wasn’t chanceless by any means, India would happily take it. Shweta remains unbeaten with a solid 49-ball 74. While UAE will be ruing the dropped catches, India will be more than satisfied with the target they have set.

IND 219/3 (20 overs): Another missed opportunity by UAE as Mahesh drops Mehdiya. A bit of a wobble in the end from India but they finish with a mammoth 219. Sehrawat shines again as she carries her bat through the innings.

IND 215/3 (19.1 overs): OUT! Trisha has to depart as well. She gets on the back foot but edges and is caught by Satish.

IND 213/2 (19 overs): Trisha starts strongly with back-to-back boundaries. Sehrawat and Trisha steal two in the last ball as they head to the final over.

IND 200/2 (18.1 overs): OUT! UAE finally get the breakthrough! After the dropped catches, Ghosh has to depart one short of her half-century.

IND 200/1 (18 overs): Two more catches dropped, would you believe it! Four lives in total for Richa. Sumaira returns to the attack and Shweta hits a four before Richa hits a six and sees two more catches put down. This is brutal for UAE.

IND 186/1 (17 overs): Dropped, again! Richa slogs one from Gaur and the ball goes miles up in the air but Siya can’t hold on to the catch in the deep and ends up hurting her finger as well. It’s been an extremely tough day in the field for UAE.

IND 175/1 (16 overs): Dropped! Richa hits a huge six off Nandakumar before getting a life as Mahesh drops a straightforward catch at deep mid-wicket. Shweta then ends the over with a superb scoop for four after walking across at her crease.

IND 164/1 (15 overs): Mahesh tosses it up and Shweta sweeps it in the air for four. India are continuing to motor along towards the 200-run mark.

IND 154/1 (14 overs): Fifty! Second successive half-century at the World Cup for Shweta Sehrawat! India’s vice-captain gets there in just 33 balls and is looking in complete control at the crease.

IND 146/1 (13 overs): Two fours in that Keny over for Shweta. Also a painful blow on the foot for Richa at the non-striker’s end, but she’s good to go after a quick check by the physio.

IND 137/1 (12 overs): The best over for UAE so far as leg-spinner Mahesh does well to concede just three runs.

IND 134/1 (11 overs): Nandakumar did well to concede just three singles off the first five balls of the over, but Richa cut the last one past point for four.

IND 127/1 (10 overs): Left-arm spinner Supriya joins the attack and Richa picks up a boundary with a powerful square-cut. Saying India are in a solid position at the halfway stage of their innings would be quite an understatement.

IND 111/1 (8.3 overs): OUT! UAE get the breakthrough! Shafali Verma is caught at long-off for 78 off 34. The end of a blazing knock by the India captain and the UAE players are delighted. Nandakumar gets the wicket as Gaur takes the catch. Richa Ghosh has been promoted to No 3 in the batting order.

IND 101/0 (8 overs): Off-spinner Keny joins the attack and Shafali hits her for consecutive sixes. Shweta then ends the over with another four. India bring up 100 runs in super quick time. UAE are being held back big-time by their fielding. Plenty of misfields that have resulted in fours.

IND 82/0 (7 overs): Fifty for Shafali Verma! She gets there in just 26 balls. Some sparkling strokeplay by the India captain.

IND 68/0 (6 overs): The end of a brilliant powerplay for India. Gaur returns to the attack and Shafali hits her for three fours in the over. The India captain has raced to 49 off 25.

IND 51/0 (5 overs): First six of the match and it comes from Shafali’s bat. Just a little flick and the ball went a long way. Eight runs come from Samaira’s second over.

IND 43/0 (4 overs): Three more fours for Shafali! Leg-spinner Mahesh joins the attack and the India captain goes after her with relative ease. UAE have used four different bowlers in the first four overs but struggled to contain the run-flow.

IND 30/0 (3 overs): Change in bowling for UAE as right-arm medium pacer Samaira joins the attack. She starts well but Shafali manages to hit another four with a powerful flick through mid-wicket.

IND 24/0 (2 overs): Well, a similar start for Shafali as she picks up three fours as well. Left-arm pacer Gaur bowls the second over and the India captain plays a couple of stylish strokes.

IND 12/0 (1 over): Right-arm medium pacer Nandakumar takes the new ball for the first over of the match and Shweta picks up three fours. The first one was a cracking square cut through the gap and the next two were placed fine past short-third.

1.30 pm: The players have taken the field and we’re ready for play. Skipper Shafali Verma and her deputy Shweta Sehrawat are at the crease and will be eyeing another strong start. Here we go!

Playing XIs

India: Shweta Sehrawat, Shafali Verma (c), G Trisha, Richa Ghosh (w), Sonia Mendhiya, Hrishita Basu, Titas Sadhu, Archana Devi, Mannat Kashyap, Parshavi Chopra, Shabnam.

UAE: Theertha Satish (w/c), Lavanya Keny, Samaira Dharnidharka, Mahika Gaur, Rinitha Rajith, Vaishnave Mahesh, Archara Supriya, Siya Gokhale, Indhuja Nandakumar, Geethika Jyothis, Avni Sunil Patil.

Two changes to India’s playing XI: Titas Sadhu and Mannat Kashyap replace Soumya Tiwari and Sonam Yadav.

Toss update: UAE have won the toss and opted to field first.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the ICC Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup match between India and the United Arab Emirates at the Willowmoore Park in Benoni.

Shafali Verma and Co began their campaign with an impressive seven-wicket win against hosts South Africa. The skipper set the tone at the top of the order before her deputy Shweta Sehrawat stole the show in what was a superb chase by India. Today, they are up against UAE and will be determined to keep up the momentum.

U19 Women’s T20 World Cup, IND vs SA as it happened: Shweta Sehrawat powers India to 7-wicket win

Here’s a look at India’s squad:

Shafali Verma (c), Shweta Sehrawat (vc), Richa Ghosh (wk), G Trisha, Soumya Tiwari, Sonia Mendhiya, Hurley Gala, Hrishita Basu (wk), Sonam Yadav, Mannat Kashyap, Archana Devi, Parshavi Chopra, Titas Sadhu, Falak Naz, Shabnam.

Standby players: Shikha, Najla CMC, Yashashree.

India's schedule for group stage

Day   Date   Time   Opposition   Venue  
Saturday   January 14   5.15 pm IST    South Africa   Willowmoore Park, Benoni  
Monday   January 16   1.30 pm IST   UAE   Willowmoore Park, Benoni  
Wednesday   January 18   5.15 pm IST   Scotland   Willowmoore Park B, Benoni

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