The word ‘intent’ comes to mind when one thinks of HS Prannoy. On court, you see him deeply immersed in the game. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Superseries or a Grand Prix Gold or the Premier Badminton League; doesn’t matter if it’s the final or semifinal or first round; doesn’t matter if he’s playing a top-10 player or a first-timer – Prannoy is aggression personified.

Not that others aren’t but Prannoy, more often than not, shows it through fist-pumps, self-motivational shouts and lingering stares at the opponents. With him, there’s an aggression that doesn’t turn ugly. Hence, it isn’t very hard to root for him, especially when he’s up against higher-ranked opponents.

Off court, however, he’s a chilled out 25-year-old, devoid of aggression, death stares and all. He’s unassuming and emotional.

This, we found out while making him answer a few questions from the Proust Questionnaire – a set of questions that provides insight into one’s personality in the form of an interview, coined after French writer Marcel Proust.

Take a look: