STUMPS: England need another 498 runs to win. Yet another outstanding day for the Indians, lead by captain Kohli, who scored yet another century. It was a frustrating evening for Anderson, Broad and Co. The former should have got Kohli’s wicket for the second time in the series but Kohli survived once again.

England’s bowlers, otherwise, wilted as Pujara and Rahane joined hands with Kohli in the middle. It’s a make-or-break time for Cook and Jennings, who are in desperate need of runs. There was little evidence in the tail end of the day’s play to suggest that things are going to be easy for the beleaguered Cook, who is there purely on reputation.

ENGLAND 23/0 after 9 overs (Cook 9, Jennings 13)
Cook survives! Ashwin was handed the ball and there were men stationed around Cook’s bat. Each ball received a cheer from the crowd. The deliveries well full and the former England captain blocked it out. Miles to go for England, who have two full days to bat.

Last over the day coming up

ENGLAND 23/0 after 8 overs (Cook 9, Jennings 13)
Ishant has Jennings in all kinds of bother. The pacer lands it on what a is nightmare length to a left-hander, missing his edge by a couple of centimetres. Jennings nearly chopped it on too. Nervy finish for hosts.

ENGLAND 22/0 after 7 overs (Cook 9, Jennings 13)
Cook, predictably, has an uneasy time facing Ashwin yet again. He does score, though, dabbing the ball gently to mid-wicket and completing a brace. Cook survives.

Ashwin is introduced into the attack

ENGLAND 20/0 after 6 overs (Cook 7, Jennings 13)
Ishant now beats Jennings with a peach outside off-stump. The Indian pacer used the scrambled seam with good effect, pitching on length and zooming through Pant. The bowlers are already creating chances.

ENGLAND 20/0 after 5 overs (Cook 7, Jennings 13)
Cook gets off the mark with a dab on the off side for a single. Huge cheers from the crowd. Bumrah then almost clips the former England captain’s off-stump with a peach that kept slightly low. Steady start from the hosts.

ENGLAND 13/0 after 3 overs (Cook 0, Jennings 13)
Jennings is up and away with a couple of boundaries off Bumrah. Positive start for England but a long way to go still. The conditions are still lively for batting.

ENGLAND 3/0 after 2 overs (Cook 0, Jennings 3)
England begin their chase, Bumrah starts off with a maiden. England still need another 521 runs to win.

INDIA DECLARE! They have a lead of 520. That should be enough for Kohli and Co to fancy their chances of running through the brittle English batting order. What a Test match Pandya is having.

INDIA 352/7 in 110 Overs (Pandya 52, Ashwin 1)
Meanwhile, Pandya completed his fourth Test half-century by clubbing Rashid down the ground. Ashwin got out to the centre and immediately got off the mark.

WICKET! M Shami c Cook b Rashid 3 (6), INDIA 349/7 in 109.3 Overs
Shami tries to slog it over cow cover and Cook takes a safe catch barely a foot before the boundary line. Shastri and Kohli are still not interested in a declaration.

INDIA 339/6 in 108 Overs (Pandya 44, Shami 1)
Pandya uses the long handle and plays one of his trademark slog hits down the ground. That easily sailed over the boundary ropes. He followed that with another slog which got his edge but went to the third man fence. The batsmen ran three. Pandya sent Shami back when an easy single was on offer in the last ball of the over. The lead is now 507.

Mohammed Shami has been promoted up the order.

WICKET! A Rahane b Rashid 29 (94), INDIA 329/6 in 107.1 Overs
Rahane fails to pick up Rashid’s googly and misses his cut shot. The ball clips the off stump.

INDIA 329/5 in 107 Overs (Rahane 29, Pandya 35)
Pandya is on a leather hunt and thumps it to deep square-leg region for a boundary and then follows it with a full-blooded cut behind point for another four. The lead is three short of 500.

INDIA 318/5 in 105 Overs (Rahane 28, Pandya 25)
Runs continue to come thick and fast Pandya just brought up his fourth boundary with a crushing drive off Stokes through covers. Rahane continues to hold up one end. India’s lead is now 486.

A 500-run lead would see India notch up their third-highest third innings lead against England in England. It would also be their third highest overall, informs our statsman Anand.

INDIA 303/5 in 103 Overs (Rahane 28, Pandya 17), lead by 478
Pandya continues to take on Rashid and gets another boundary. Stokes beats Rahane’s outside edge with a peach but that hardly ruffles the Indian vice-captain, who continues to score runs at walking pace.

INDIA 303/5 in 101 Overs (Rahane 26, Pandya 12)
India have crossed 300 and it comes up Rahane driving on the up against Stokes. The ball races away to the fence and they take a single from the fifth ball of the over.

INDIA 298/5 in 100 Overs (Rahane 21, Pandya 12)
England’s Spin-pace combination continues and the scoreboard is ticking. Rahane has now faced 71 balls while Pandya is looking to slog Rashid out of the park.

INDIA 291/5 in 97 Overs (Rahane 18, Pandya 9)
Pandya is wasting no time and struck two boundaries in no time. First, a flick off the hips and followed it up later in the over with a thumping off-drive. The lead is now well past 450.

WICKET! R Pant c Cook b Anderson 1 (6), INDIA 282/5 in 94.4 Overs
When they come, they do in clumps. Pant gets stuck at the crease and nicks it to Cook at first slip, who makes no mistake this time. No celebrations from Anderson, who wears a resigned look. Would you blame him?

INDIA 282/4 in 92 Overs (Rahane 18, Pant 1)
Pant gets off the mark with a dab on the leg side. It was a nervous start for the young left-hander.

Rishabh Pant is sent ahead of Pandya

WICKET! V Kohli lbw b Woakes 103 (197), INDIA 281/4 in 93.4 Overs
After several near-misses, England get the wicket they were waiting for. Kohli plays across the line to a delivery that swung back in late. The soft signal was out as the Indian skipper took the review. Replays showed that the ball was crashing into the leg stump. India lose a review and Kohli walks off to a thunderous ovation.

INDIA 279/3 in 92 Overs (Kohli 98, Rahane 17)
CENTURY FOR KOHLI! His second of the series and the 23rd of his career. He gets there with a four to the third man region. It’s streaky again from him as he dabs Woakes through the slip cordon. It’s been gutsy, gritty but effective and ruthless from the Indian captain.

INDIA 275/3 in 91 Overs (Kohli 98, Rahane 17)
Everything going Kohli and India’s way here. First, the ball beats third slip and gully and goes to the boundary. The next ball sees Anderson get Kohli’s edge but the ball falls just short of Cook at first slip. Anderson’s face says it all. More agony for England and Kohli is just two runs short of his 23rd century.

Correction: The ball went through Jennings’s hands

INDIA 270/3 in 89 Overs (Kohli 93, Rahane 17)
Slightly back of a length from Woakes to start proceedings and Rahane plays out a maiden over. India’s grind-a-thon continues. Rahane has played out 54 balls.

We are back for the final session of the day’s play. Woakes to bowl the first over

It’s Tea time! INDIA 270/3 in 89 Overs (Kohli 93, Rahane 17), lead by 438
England got a wicket in the session but there was little else for them. Kohli continues to march on another century, and he has done so at walking pace. India in complete command.

INDIA 270/3 in 88 Overs (Kohli 93, Rahane 17)
England’s desperate search for a wicket means that there is restlessness from the pace attack. Broad goes slightly short in this over and Rahane is happy to see out a maiden.

INDIA 270/3 in 87 Overs (Kohli 93, Rahane 17)
Solid couple of overs for Kohli and Rahane, who have smashed a boundary each. Anderson over-pitched by just an inch but the Indian captain was in a flash to flick it to the mid-wicket fence.

INDIA 260/3 in 85 Overs (Kohli 86, Rahane 13)
Anderson steams in and he still cant get Kohli’s edge. The Indian captain is not even attempting to go after anything that is a fraction wide outside off-stump. Two from the over.

INDIA 258/3 in 84 Overs (Kohli 85, Rahane 13)
Broad is managing to crank up a fair bit of pace and one of the deliveries hit Rahane high on his glove after shooting from a length.

INDIA 257/3 in 83 Overs (Kohli 84, Rahane 13)
One more single towards the end of the over and Kohli continues to keep strike against the new ball. Anderson, this time, managed to beat his opponent’s outside edge. India’s lead is now 425.

INDIA 256/3 in 82 Overs (Kohli 83, Rahane 13)
Rahane has been shielded from the new ball so far and Broad’s new spell also sees him fail to hit the lengths that will draw Kohli into poking outside off. One from the over.

INDIA 255/3 in 81 Overs (Kohli 82, Rahane 13)
Anderson to Kohli first up and none of the deliveries were on the off-stump channel that the pacer likes to operate in. Kohli gets a single in to keep strike.

England have taken the new ball and Anderson is back

INDIA 254/3 in 80 Overs (Kohli 81, Rahane 13)
Root has men around Rahane’s leg side and a full-toss from the England skipper sees the former step out and tuck it away to the deep square-leg fence for a boundary.

INDIA 250/3 in 79 Overs (Kohli 81, Rahane 9)
Rashid gets vicious turn off the rough that flies to Stokes at first slip. Nope, no bat there. Just a single from the over and that brings up India’s 250. The lead is now 418.

INDIA 249/3 in 78 Overs (Kohli 81, Rahane 8)
Stokes’s inswingers continue to go awry and Kohli moves into the 80s with a cover drive of some authority. The over ends with a couple of singles from Kohli and Rahane.

INDIA 243/3 in 77 Overs (Kohli 76, Rahane 7)
Rashid, who has had an encouraging morning spell drops short and Kohli pulls it away to the deep mid-wicket fence for a four. Rahane ends the over with a sweep that got him a couple.

INDIA 236/3 in 76 Overs (Kohli 71, Rahane 5)
The visitors’ lead crosses the 400-run mark as Stokes continues to stray down the leg-side trying to bring the ball back in. Four-leg byes. Kohli strokes the ball down to the third man region to keep strike.

INDIA 230/3 in 75 Overs (Kohli 70, Rahane 4)
Rashid continues to toil and Rahane gets into gear with a dab to the fine-leg region that yields two runs. Kohli added one more to his total. The lead is now one short of 400.

INDIA 226/3 in 74 Overs (Kohli 69, Rahane 1)
There is a hint of drizzle and Stokes continues to steam in and hurl inswingers. The lead is crawling towards 400. Just a single from the over.

INDIA 225/3 in 73 Overs (Kohli 68, Rahane 1)
Tidy from Rashid and Rahane plays out a maiden. It was mostly full and straight classic leg-spin deliveries from the 31-year-old.

INDIA 225/3 in 72 Overs (Kohli 68, Rahane 1)
Rahane gets off the mark with a flick to fine leg. Barring the one that got Pujara, the rest of the deliveries in the over from Stokes went way down the leg side.

WICKET! C Pujara c Cook b Stokes 72 (208), INDIA 224/3 in 71.3 Overs
Well, that was just a super delivery from Stokes. It was the inswinger that did the trick and Pujara had little option but to nudge at it. Cook, stationed at first slip, had ample time to react and this time, pouches it. England have something to cheer about finally.

Stokes is back into the attack

INDIA 223/2 in 71 Overs (Pujara 72, Kohli 67)
Pitched short by Rashid again and it’s dispatched to the deep mid-wicket fence by Pujara. The leg-spinner’s comeback was good, nearly beating Pujara with a quicker googly. Five runs from the over.

INDIA 218/2 in 70 Overs (Pujara 68, Kohli 66)
Woakes swings it back in but Kohli dabs it down the ground for three runs, Anderson cuts it off near the boundary. On the last ball of the over, Pujara played an uppish drive but the ball bounced in front of Pope at point.

INDIA 214/2 in 69 Overs (Pujara 67, Kohli 63)
Kohli pierces the gap through the off-side to bring up the 100 partnership between these two players. Pujara, in this over, used his feet on two occasions and earned a couple of singles. Four from the over.

Update: Jonny Bairstow has suffered a minor fracture on his middle-finger. More good news for India

INDIA 210/2 in 68 Overs (Pujara 65, Kohli 61)
There was a loud appeal from England for a catch cum leg-before for a Woakes delivery that seamed back in, clipped Pujara on his legs before going through to Buttler. Not out given. Root, this time, decides against taking the review. Replays showed that there was no inside edge. Good over from Woakes, mixing it up nicely and testing Pujara with a short one. Maiden over.

INDIA 210/2 in 67 Overs (Pujara 65, Kohli 61)
Packed outside field for Kohli on the off-side as Rashid ran through another tidy over. Here, he just stuck to his leg-breaks and made Kohli reach forward and defend. Just a single from it.

INDIA 209/2 in 66 Overs (Pujara 64, Kohli 61)
Woakes goes slightly fuller and teases Kohli’s outside edge on its way to the keeper. There is a half-hearted appeal from the English fielders but it missed the Indian skipper’s bat by a fraction. Kohli got a couple in the first ball of the over with a drive.

INDIA 207/2 in 65 Overs (Pujara 64, Kohli 59)
Rashid nearly flummoxes Pujara with a googly but the ball raps him high on his pads. The leg-spinner then drops slightly short and batsmen are back in their comfort zone. Two more singles to the total.

Meanwhile, wrestler Vinesh Phogat has won India’s second gold medal at the Asian Games. Follow live updates here

INDIA 205/2 in 64 Overs (Pujara 63, Kohli 58)
Kohli playing one of his more patient knocks, waiting for the ball to reach him before knocking it around for singles. Two more to the total as Woakes continues to hit a harmless length. There is little movement on offer.

INDIA 203/2 in 63 Overs (Pujara 62, Kohli 57)
Fraction short from Rashid and Pujara rocks back and pulls it wide of mid-on for a boundary. The partnership is into the 90s. Pujara moves into the 60s. India are cruising and there has been no change in script three overs into the second session.

INDIA 198/2 in 62 Overs (Pujara 58, Kohli 56)
Suddenly, there are dark clouds around Trent Bridge. Woakes goes cross seam on good length and Pujara is happy to defend them off his back-foot. Yet again, just two singles from the over.

Woakes to bowl the second over. Bairstow is plonked in the balcony and is seen dipping his left-hand middle finger in ice water.

INDIA 196/2 in 61 Overs (Pujara 57, Kohli 55)
Decent start for Rashid after lunch. There is a deep-ish short-leg for Pujara and the leg-spinner nearly surprises Kohli with a yorker. Two singles from the over.

Rashid will start proceedings

We are back for the second session. Crucial this for England.

LUNCH time, India lead by 362 runs
The Branderson duo were on target and induced a lot of poking and prodding from Kohli and Pujara. However, patience was the key. During most innings, it’s Kohli’s influence that rubs off on the Saurashra batsman but today, it has been the reverse that has worked for India. Kohli was in no hurry to get his runs and knew exactly what balls to leave. The same can be said about Pujara as well.

Another frustrating session for England, who have also lost a review. India are trying bat them out of the contest and they might have already done that. It’s now a question of when Kohli decides to walk off the field. Root and Co, over to your response. Still no word on Bairstow’s injury yet.

INDIA 194/2 in 60 Overs (Pujara 56, Kohli 54), lead by 362 runs
Root bowled the last over before lunch and Pujara nearly played another false shot, stepping out and trying to drive through square leg. The ball went in the air but landed safe. It’s lunch time.

INDIA 192/2 in 59 Overs (Pujara 55, Kohli 53)
Pujara nearly chops on from the first ball of the over off a Rashid googly. Kohli ends the over by dabbing it square and getting another couple. Four from it and it’s easy as they come for the Indians.

INDIA 188/2 in 58 Overs (Pujara 53, Kohli 51)
Root starts the over by going around the wicket and attacking the leg stump. The last ball of the over sees Pujara go a touch ariel but it lands safe. Three from the over.

Joe Root comes on

INDIA 186/2 in 57 Overs (Pujara 52, Kohli 50)
Pujara uses his feet with authority against Rashid but gets nothing from it. Much better over from the leg-spinner, who goes a touch fuller but doesn’t allow the batsmen to drive. Just one from it.

INDIA 185/2 in 56 Overs (Pujara 51, Kohli 50)
No risks from Kohli during this over and he plays out a maiden from Broad, who bowled a stump to stump line. There was little movement off the seam. We are nearing lunch time.

INDIA 185/2 in 55 Overs (Pujara 51, Kohli 50)
Kohli now goes past fifty, his second in the match. The Indian captain drives it past the covers to get to the other end. Pujara plays out four dot balls to end the over. Yet again, there is the odd one that is keeping low. Here, it was Rashid’s googly.

INDIA 183/2 in 54 Overs (Pujara 50, Kohli 49)
Pujara reaches his fifty by rotating the strike in the last ball of the over, which was bowled by Broad. Kohli is getting there as well. The lead now goes past 350.

INDIA 179/2 in 53 Overs (Pujara 49, Kohli 46)
Kohli applauds after his batting partner pushes for three runs. The runs have suddenly started to come thick and fast after what was a sedentary first hour to the day’s play. Just four runs from the Rashid over.

No end to England’s woes. They might be batting with ten men:

INDIA 175/2 in 52 Overs (Pujara 48, Kohli 43)
Oh, Kohli plays a gorgeous cover-drive to pick up another boundary. The over started with the Indian captain playing a lose shot outside off, almost nicking it to Buttler. The over ends with Kohli getting another boundary as Broad tried to reverse it into the batsman. More frustration for England. Ten from the over.

INDIA 165/2 in 51 Overs (Pujara 48, Kohli 33)
Rashid is cut away to the boundary by Pujara. There was turn but it was short and wide and Pujara latched onto it in a flash. The leg-spinner started proceedings with a googly to Kohli. The field was set defensively by Root and that was not a good sight.

Adil Rashid is brought back on

INDIA 160/2 in 50 Overs (Pujara 44, Kohli 32)
Pujara gets a couple while Kohli gets off strike. Another big let off for Kohli and India. More frustration for England, who are now a review lighter.

NOT OUT! INDIA 157/2 in 49.1 Overs Kohli is a relieved man. England lose a review. The hotspot showed that the ball had taken a faint edge before the ball thudded onto the pads of the Indian captain. Erasmus’s original decision was not out.

Review taken by England. Kohli is rapped on the pads by Broad

India 151/2 in 49 Overs (Pujara 42, Kohli 31)
Uppish from Kohli against Stokes but the dab was well controlled and in the gap – through the gully region – and the ball runs into the boundary. The Indian captain started the over with a drive through the covers for a couple and ends it by scampering through for a single.

India 150/2 in 48 Overs (Pujara 42, Kohli 24)
Pujara plays out another maiden over. Broad bowls his first jaffa of the day. The bowling has been top-notch all morning, and Pujara is happy to not put his bat anywhere close to the ball.

India 150/2 in 47 Overs (Pujara 42, Kohli 24)
The running between the wickets between Kohli and Pujara comes under the scanner in the last few deliveries. In the previous over, Pujara yells “no” while Kohli wants a second run. Kohli does the same here. Remember the horrendous mix-up these two had at Lord’s?

India 148/2 in 46 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 24)
Not the best of starts for Broad, who allows Kohli to drive outside off and the batsmen cross for a single. Pujara blocks away to glory and that’s another over bowled.

Broad brought in

India 147/2 in 45 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 22)
Buttler gets a nice feel of the ball as Pujara continues to drop anchor. Stokes beats the outside edge of Pujara with a pitch outside off stump. The all-rounder is getting the ball to swing. Maiden over.

4:27 pm: Root and Stokes are having an animated discussion with the umpires. Meanwhile, Buttler has the gloves and Bairstow is off the field.

Bairstow is walking off the field for some treatment. Remember, England have another keeper on the pitch – the incredible Jos.

India 147/2 in 44 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 22)
Kohli gets off strike. This over sees Anderson surprising Pujara with a shorter one. The last ball of the over sees the ball deviate and thump the left palm of Bairstow, who goes down letting out a cry and clutching his hands.

India 145/2 in 43 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 21)
Another maiden. More agony for the hosts. Stokes teases Pujara’s edge atleast three times. The India batsman nearly nicked one to the keeper while fishing outside off. The last ball gets Pujara’s edge but falls just short of Jennings at third slip.

India 145/2 in 42 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 21)
Kohli continues to see out the threat of Anderson. Yet again, the Indian captain was beaten outside the off-stump. The seam position, with his fingers placed slightly wide of the ball, has seen deliveries go straight. The line, though, has been immaculate. Maiden over.

India 145/2 in 41 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 21), lead by 313
Stokes is back into the attack and he continues to be on the shorter side. Pujara works the ball to fine leg and gets a couple. Kohli gets a single.

India 142/2 in 40 Overs (Pujara 40, Kohli 19)
More drop catches and at second slip, the usually tidy Jos spoons one after Anderson induces an edge off Pujara. The ball went at a catchable height. There wasn’t much pace on the ball either. Alas, the ball hits the ground. Anderson tries to attack the stumps more during the rest of the over and Pujara blocks it out with minimum fuss.

India 142/2 in 39 Overs (Pujara 40, Kohli 19)
Kohli gets a leading edge trying to work the ball on the leg side and the ball goes to the cover fence. Strangely, an over-pitched delivery doesn’t get the treatment as Kohli hits it straight to the cover fielder. Woakes is struggling a bit with control this morning.

India 138/2 in 38 Overs (Pujara 40, Kohli 15)
Rare over-pitched delivery by Anderson and Pujara whips it off his pads for a boundary. The England pacer, though, is back to his trademark best. Pujara plays another false shot.

India 134/2 in 37 Overs (Pujara 36, Kohli 15), lead by 302
The lead has crossed 300 and Kohli is at ease with anything pitched on off-stump. He is not going to be lured into poking at deliveries bowled at the channel. Just two from the over.

India 132/2 in 36 Overs (Pujara 36, Kohli 13)
Kohli continues to show respect to Anderson. Here, he is happy to tuck a full length delivery on leg stump to fine leg for a single. Pujara plays out the rest of the over with some trademark leaves. Anderson tidy once again.

India 131/2 in 35 Overs (Pujara 36, Kohli 12)
Back of a length from Woakes and Pujara is happy to leave the balls outside off stump. The two batsmen run a well-judged double. India are in no hurry whatsoever and the lead is nearing 300.

India 129/2 in 34 Overs (Pujara 34, Kohli 12)
Fine over from Anderson, beating Pujara and Kohli’s outside edge two times each. The fifth ball of the over, after hitting a length, kept low and Kohli had to take rearguard action.

Best of luck, Abhishek Nayar

India 128/2 in 33 Overs (Pujara 33, Kohli 12)
Kohli moves into double figures with a flick on the leg side, which rolled into the boundary. Woakes is a touch fuller but that is not how his field is set up. The medium pacer ended the over well, getting a bit of shape away from the Indian captain on the off-stump.

India 124/2 in 32 Overs (Pujara 33, Kohli 8)
Maiden to start proceedings. Anderson is on target straight away and on the second ball of the over, Pujara was in a fair amount of discomfort trying to fend of a delivery that was rising on him. No demons on the wicket so far.

3:27 pm: The players walk out. It’s bright and shiny

3:19 pm: Good batting conditions at Trent Bridge, reports our man Chetan Narula from the ground.

3:10 pm: For all the Indian fans, Ashwin is back to bowling without much discomfort

2:57 pm: Moving the ball this way and that, Hardik Pandya has the goods to be Kohli’s go-to man in Test, writes Kushal

2:55 pm: Hardik Pandya wants to be, well, Hardik Pandya – Read

2:50 pm: There are murmurs in the newsroom that India can knock England over by the end of the day after batting the hosts out of the contest. That, though, is easier said than done. Still no word on the conditions at Nottingham.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of day three of the third Test between England and India at Nottingham. India are in the driver’s seat and have a handsome lead of 292. England’s bowlers suffered a rare day of toil as KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan and later, Cheteshwar Pujara took them to the cleaners. They found the boundaries at will and frustrated James Anderson and Co, who had done well earlier in the day to bundle India out cheaply.

As many as 16 wickets fell on day two and pundits have already blamed it on the weather conditions, which took a drastic turn and aided the seamers. Hardik Pandya was in some form and picked up his first five-wicket haul in any form of international cricket. Jos Buttler’s late heroics could only take his side to a paltry 161. England have a mountain to climb and with three full days of play left, need a spectacular heist or a intervention from the rain gods to bail them out of this one. It’s advantage India as they march towards keeping the five-match Test series alive.