Second Super Over – KXIP 15/0

Low full toss from Boult first up and Gayle smashes it for a six. A single off the second. And then a couple of fours by Agarwal off the third and fourth balls. Brilliant win. KXIP win it in the second Super Over.

Gayle and Mayank are walking out for KXIP. Boult the bowler for MI.

Second Super Over – MI 11/1

Brilliant fielding effort by Agarwal off the last ball kept this to 11. The ball was flying over the boundary line. Good over by Jordan. One wicket, plenty of yorkers. KXIP need 12 off 6 balls to win.

Pollard and Pandya have come out to bat for MI. Jordan to bowl for KXIP.

This time MI bat first.

None of the players involved already can bat or bowl again.

Super Over – MI 4/0 after 1 over (Rohit 1, Qdk 3)

QdK messed up with his second run as MI needed two of the last ball to win. The keeper is run out and we have a tied Super Over. Brilliant over by Shami, he gave nothing away. Nothing at all.

Rohit Sharma and Qdk are the batsmen for Mumbai. Shami the bowler for KXIP.

Super Over – KXIP 5/2 after 1 over (Hooda 1)

Brilliant over by Bumrah. He gets Rahul off the last ball. MI need just 6 to win.

Super Over – KXIP 1/1 after 0.2 balls (Rahul 1)

Pooran went for the big shot, got a leading edge and Roy (the substitute fielder) took a good catch running back.

After 20 overs, KXIP are 176/6 (Hooda 23)

WICKET! Jordan is run out on the last ball while going for the second run. The match is tied. We have a Super Over. For the second time today, we have a Super Over. Oh the madness. What a brilliant over by Boult too...

After 19 overs, KXIP are 168/5 (Hooda 21, Jordan 7)

Poor bowling from Coulter-Nile. He just hasn’t bowled well today. Not enough intent in his bowling today. 13 runs off the over. Kings XI Punjab need 9 runs in 6 balls

After 17.3 overs, KXIP are 153/5 (Hooda 13)

Bumrah strikes with a 148.5 km/h yorker to send back Rahul. What a ball! And not for the first time tonight, what a bowler!

Rahul b Bumrah 77(51)

After 17 overs, KXIP are 149/4 (Rahul 74, Hooda 11)

Really good stuff from Rahul. He has become the first Indian batsman to score over 500 runs in 3 consecutive IPL seasons. Today, he wants to try and finish it on his own. Hooda is doing his bit for now.

After 15 overs, KXIP are 125/4 (Rahul 61, Hooda 2)

Kings XI Punjab need 52 runs in 30 balls. Maxwell just needed to stay there with Rahul but with the Aussie back in the dressing room, a lot of pressure on Rahul now.

After 13.3 overs, KXIP are 115/4 (Rahul 53)

The Big Show has been a no show for KXIP this season. Maxwell walking back after making a duck. Went for the big shot, got a thick edge to first slip.

Maxwell c Rohit b Rahul Chahar 0(2)

After 12.5 overs, KXIP are 108/3 (Rahul 46)

WICKET! Bumrah comes into the attack. Rohit Sharma knows MI can use a wicket or two just around now. And Bumrah delivers. What a bowler! Pooran goes for the hook, finds the fielder in the deeper.

Pooran c Coulter-Nile b Bumrah 24(12)

After 11 overs, KXIP are 102/2 (Rahul 41, Pooran 23)

Pooran has come in and blitzed his way to 23 off 7 balls. He is hitting them well and he is hitting them long. Kings XI Punjab need 75 runs in 54 balls.

After 9.1 overs, KXIP are 75/2 (Rahul 37)

WICKET! Rahul Chahar gets the dangerous Gayle! The left-hander hit it straight to Boult in the deep.

Gayle c Boult b Rahul Chahar 24(21)

After 8 overs, KXIP are 71/1 (Rahul 35, Gayle 22)

9 runs off Rahul Chahar’s over. Gayle is picking his spots and making the most of the gaps. This is good batting, takes the pressure off Rahul for a bit.

After 7 overs, KXIP are 62/1 (Rahul 34, Gayle 14)

Kings XI Punjab need 115 runs in 78 balls. Require rate and current run-rate are the same now. Rahul is the key to this chase. MI know he can do the damage and play a long innings too.

After 6 overs, KXIP are 51/1 (Rahul 32, Gayle 7)

The Powerplay overs are over. Rahul has been particularly severe on Boult today. Another 11 runs. The Kiwi pacer has gone for 40 runs off his 3 overs.

After 5 overs, KXIP are 40/1 (Rahul 21, Gayle 7)

One big six from Gayle and nothing else in the over. Good over from Coulter-Nile. Gayle will take his time initially.

After 3.3 overs, KXIP are 33/1 (Rahul 21)

WICKET! Bumrah into the attack. Bumrah gets a wicket. How often does he do this.... how does he do this? Two dots and then an inside edge back onto the stumps. Agarwal walking back.

Agarwal b Bumrah 11(10)

After 3 overs, KXIP are 33/0 (Rahul 21, Agarwal 11)

Rahul takes Boult to the cleaners. 20 runs from the over – a lovely straight drive, a six over cover... the over had it all.

After 2 overs, KXIP are 13/0 (Rahul 3, Agarwal 10)

Another life for Agarwal. SKY was at full stretch but couldn’t hold on to the catch. A nervy start by Agarwal.

After 1 over, KXIP are 9/0 (Rahul 2, Agarwal 7)

Mayank Agarwal got a thin edge through to the keeper. Boult followed it up with a huge appeal. But MI didn’t take the review! Big moment!

KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal have been immense for KXIP at the top of the order. They will need to go out and do their thing again today. MI won’t make it easy for them.

After 20 overs, MI are 176/6 (Pollard 34, Coulter-Nile 24)

Last 3 overs, 54 runs. MI have done it again. Pollard has done it again – 34 off 12 balls. Coulter-Nile got 24 off 12 balls. Their stand is worth 57(21). Some pretty mad-hitting. Pollard makes it look effortless though.

After 19 overs, MI are 156/6 (Pollard 15, Coulter-Nile 23)

12 runs from the over and Coulter-Nile doing all the run-scoring. In a sense, KXIP would not mind this. Having Pollard on strike might have been much more dangerous.

After 18 overs, MI are 144/6 (Pollard 15, Coulter-Nile 11)

6 - 6 - 1 - 4 - 4 - 1. 22 runs from the over. Arshdeep gets hammered all around the park. Pollard getting into the groove and Coulter-Nile too.

After 16.3 overs, MI are 119/6 (Pollard 1)

WICKET! Qdk falls too. KXIP storming back into pole position. It came off the bottom of the bat and it finds the fielder in the deep.

de Kock c Agarwal b Jordan 53(43)

After 15.3 overs, MI are 116/5 (QdK 51)

WICKET! Smart bowling by Shami. Just outside the off-stump, quick and a tad short. Hardik was not able to get any power into the shot and only found the fielder in the deep.

Hardik Pandya c Pooran b Shami 8(4)

After 15 overs, MI are 114/4 (QdK 50, Hardik 7)

Qdk cruises to his third consecutive fifty in some style. Two big sixes off M Ashwin. MI looking good to really make the last 5 overs count.

After 13.5 overs, MI are 96/4 (QdK 39)

The 58-run stand between Krunal and QdK ends. This has brought MI back into the game after their poor start. Not a great delivery but Krunal’s sweep found Hooda in the deep.

Krunal Pandya c Hooda b Ravi Bishnoi 34(30)

After 13 overs, MI are 93/3 (QdK 37, Krunal 33)

MI have a platform that Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard can build on. And we know how destructive they can be.

After 12 overs, MI are 83/3 (QdK 36, Krunal 28)

Just three runs off the Bishnoi over. KXIP needed this.

After 11 overs, MI are 80/3 (QdK 35, Krunal 26)

Deepak Hooda, right-arm off break, comes into the attack and MI calmly take 10 runs off the over. They are building up a nice head of steam here. QdK is looking good for a big one again.

After 10 overs, MI are 70/3 (QdK 27, Krunal 25)
A bit too straight from M Ashwin and he was punished. 10 runs from the over and MI are finding their way back into the game.

After 9 overs, MI are 60/3 (QdK 26, Krunal 16)
Another good shot from Krunal Pandya. This time he lifts it over cover off the front foot for four. Glenn Maxwell finishes with figures of 0/24 from his four overs. Time for a strategic timeout.

After 8 overs, MI are 53/3 (QdK 25, Krunal 10)
SIX! Sensational shot from Krunal Pandya! Chris Jordan pitched it slightly short and wide, Krunal got on his toes and drove it from waist height over cover for a maximum.

After 7 overs, MI are 46/3 (QdK 25, Krunal 3)
Glenn Maxwell is doing a fine job for Punjab. He’s slipping in his overs quickly and has figures of 0/17 from his three overs at the moments. The MI batsmen can’t afford to take risks for now.

After 6 overs, MI are 43/3 (QdK 24, Krunal 1)
Krunal Pandya has joined Quinton de Kock at the crease. That’s the end of the powerplay and it has been dominated by Kings XI Punjab. The defending champs need a partnership.

After 5.1 overs, MI are 38/3 – Ishan is gone!
OUT! And a third wicket for KXIP! This time it’s Ishan Kishan. He hits it straight to third-man and Arshdeep Singh gets his second wicket. MI are in trouble!

After 5 overs, MI are 38/2 (QdK 20, Ishan 7)
Glenn Maxwell returns for a second over and concedes eight runs. Ishan Kishan gets his first boundary with a solid punch off the back foot past mid-wicket.

After 4 overs, MI are 30/2 (QdK 18, Ishan 1)
A successful over by Mohammed Shami spoiled a tad bit by four overthrows from Nicholas Pooran. Ishan Kishan has joined Quinton de Kock at the crease for MI.

After 3.3 overs, MI are 24/2 – Suryakumar is gone!
OUT! Suryakumar Yadav follows Rohit Sharma to the hut! That was a poor shot from the in-form MI batsman. He hits it straight to mid-wicket and Mohammed Shami gets the wicket.

After 2.5 overs, MI are 23/1 – Rohit is gone!
OUT! Huge wicket for KXIP and young Arshdeep Singh! MI skipper Rohit Sharma tries to tap it towards third-man but ends up chopping it on to the stumps. Rohit departs for 9 off 8 as Suryakumar Yadav comes to the crease.

After 2 overs, MI are 15/0 (Rohit 9, QdK 6)
Good over for MI as both batsmen pick up a boundary each. Shami struggling to maintain his line first up.

After 1 over, MI are 6/0 (Rohit 5, QdK 1)
Interesting first over. Both Rohit and de Kock survive close run-out calls, before the MI skipper punches one stylishly past cover for four. But a decent start from Maxwell.

7.30 pm: We’re ready for live action from Dubai! Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock to open the batting for MI. Glenn Maxwell has the new ball in hand for KXIP. Here we go!

7.07 pm: Playing XIs
KXIP: KL Rahul (w/c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, Chris Jordan, Murugan Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh.
MI: Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock (w), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah.

7.03 pm: TOSS – Rohit Sharma has won the toss and MI will bat first! Both Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab are playing with unchanged XIs.

6.49 pm: Follow live coverage of the match between KKR and SRH here.

6.42 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of match No 36 of Indian Premier League 2020. Tonight, Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians take on KL Rahul’s Kings XI Punjab at the Dubai International Stadium.


Matches MI wins KXIP wins MI win% KXIP win%
MI vs KXIP 25 14 11 56% 44%