12.15 am: And past midnight on a Tuesday in the second week of November (a statement that shows just how so many things were different about IPL 2020), the champions are the most familiar. That will be all from us, folks. There will be more on these pages tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Rohit Sharma: “Pretty happy with how things went the entire season for us. We said at the start we want to make winning a habit, and you couldn’t have asked any more from the guys. We were right on the money from ball one and even until today, we never looked back. A lot of credit goes to people behind the scenes as well.”

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Purple Cap for most wickets: Kagiso Rabada

Orange Cap for most runs: KL Rahul

Most Valuable Player: Jofra Archer  

Emerging player of the year: Devdutt Padikkal

Player of the match: TRENT BOULT

11.30 pm: Presentation ceremony underway. This will go on for a while, but worth mentioning what Harsha Bhogle in the introduction remark. Thanks to curators for mostly great pitches during the tournament.

Some player quotes (courtesy: iplt20.com)

Jasprit Bumrah: It means a great deal to play. We know it’s a difficult time, everyone is stuck at home. We’re lucky that we could come to work and entertain people watching at home. If we could bring smiles to their faces, it’s the best thing we could do. 

Ishan Kishan: I think to be honest, I was not looking in good shape before this season. I spoke Krunal and Haridk and worked on my fitness and my off-side play.

Krunal Pandya: It’s the hunger. The way we went about the games, there was always 100%. A lot of credit goes to how we prepared. One month before we came, everyone knew their roles. 

Kieron Pollard: It’s a great feeling. I’ve been here 11 years, fifth trophy. No one sees the planning and training, it’s pressure playing for a franchise like this. The amount of trophies, the amount of work, the amount of players who go on to play for their countries, I think we’ll have to say so that this is the best T20 franchise.  

Brief scores: Delhi Capitals: 156/7 in 20 overs (Shreyas Iyer 65 not out, Rishabh Pant 56; Trent Boult 3/30 , Nathan Coulter-Nile 2/29). Mumbai Indians: 157/5 in 18.4 overs (Rohit Sharma 68 off 50 balls).

11.14 pm: Savour this, MI fans.

Most sixes in IPL 2020

PLAYER Inns Runs SR 6s
Ishan Kishan 13 500 144.09 30
 Sanju Samson 14 375 158.89 26
 Hardik Pandya 12 278 182.89 25
 Nicholas Pooran 14 353 169.71 25
 Eoin Morgan 14 418 138.41 24

Ashish Magotra: So many stars for MI this season but even among them all – Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan (the two uncapped players) deserve a special mention. What a season for both of them!

As our editor Ashish Magotra said a few days earlier: 2020 has been an odd year, of course MI win IPL.

ROHIT SHARMA: What a record. Six IPL finals as a player, six titles won. Five IPL finals as a captain, five IPL titles won.


18.3: Anti climax. Hardik is out, caught at midwicket.

18.2: No, MI too smart for that. Ishan hits a single. Scores level.

18.1: A single for Hardik off Nortje. Ishan will get to finish this maybe? Fitting that would be, if he does with a six.

After 18 overs, MI 154/4: Hardik takes a single and retains strike. Will he finish this off in style? Three more to win.

17.4: Lovely, deliberate edge to third man for four. 5 off 15 needed.

17.1 over, MI 147/4: Rabada will pick up a consolation wicket. Pollard was in a hurry to finish but keeps his SR above 200 and ensures the Altroz is going to be his. Played on, bowled.

(Correction) After 17 overs, MI 147/4: Pollard comes in and effortlessly hits two fours to start.

Over 16.2: WICKET! Rohit will go for the front-foot pull. Nothing will stop him. He goes again, but doesn’t connect. Sub Lalit Yadav takes a stunning catch at deep midwicket. Too little, too late but that’s a good wicket for Nortje.

20 needed off 24 balls.

After 16 overs, MI 137/2 (Rohit 68, Ishan 26): Back-to-back boundaries for Ishan through the off-side. Dubey taken to task after a good start. What a dominating performance this has been.

The pacers have made the difference: MI’s bowlers...Boult - ER 7.50, Bumrah - ER 7Coulter-Nile - ER 7.20. For Delhi, Rabada – ER 12.50, Nortje - ER 12, Stoinis - ER 11.50.

After 15 overs, MI 126/2 (Rohit 66, Ishan 17): straight down the ground off a pacer and that’s six No 30. Ishan Kishan will finish the season at the top of the six-hitting chart. That, when the dust settles tonight, will be one of the stories of the IPL. A chart that has been topped by Gayles, Maxwells and Russells in the past.

Stoinis into the attack...

Back after a timeout...

After 14 overs, MI 116/2 (Rohit 64, Ishan 9): Axar Patel finishes his spell. Four runs off that over but without a wicket, it doesn’t mean much for Delhi at this stage. Just so good from MI.

After 13 overs, MI 112/2: Ashwin has been good tonight, but that’s not stopping Rohit from playing delightful square cuts. Moves on to 62 off 40 balls. Ashwin gets one to turn sharply against Ishan but the outside edge gives MI two more.

FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! A runout of his partner is usually bad news for opponents when Rohit is in the mood. He is tonight. Gets to fifty with a pull shot off Rabada and celebrates the milestone with a brilliant square cut. MI 102/2 in 12 overs.

After 11 overs, MI 91/2: A quiet over from Ashwin and the pressure of recent few overs paid off.

Over 10.5, WICKET! Oh dear. That’s a gift from Mumbai to Delhi. Rohit keeps running after tapping the ball to cover. SKY could have held his end, but he sacrifices his wicket. Rohit is on his knees.

After 10 overs, MI 88/1 (Rohit 46, Surya 18): It’s almost time to start celebrating, Mumbai fans. Another cheeky shot by Rohit off Axar, paddled fine for a four. One shot away from a second fifty in IPL playoffs.

After 9 overs, MI 81/1 (Rohit 40, Surya 17): Oh wow! What pressure, asks Rohit. A full ball from Dubey, smacked over long off for a six. Then another one sent soaring over long on. Two massive hits in the over and MI are back to making things look easy.

After 8 overs, MI 67/1 (Rohit 27, Surya 16): This is now a bit of a sustained slowdown by MI. Delhi will be quietly pleased. 34 runs in the last 5 overs. Whisper it, DC are coming back.

Timeout taken. 92 runs needed in 78 balls. MI making this look easy.

After 7 overs, MI 65/1 (Rohit 26, Surya 15): Rohit has his struggles against wrist-spin so it’s a cautious over with Praveen Dubey coming into the attack.

Delhi’s powerplay: 41/3

Mumbai’s powerplay: 61/1

After 6 overs, MI 61/1: The scoring rate is more than 10 despite a three-run over to finish the powerplay. That’s how MI have been in this run-chase. Both the powerplays belong to them comfortably.

After 5 overs, MI 58/1: Just how good Suryakumar Yadav’s form is you ask? Comes in to bat and nonchalantly punches the first ball he faces for four. Stunning shot. And then second ball? Scooped behind square for a six. I mean, that’s just sensational. What a powerplay for MI.

Over 4,1: WICKET! Boy, did DC need that and it’s their marvellous allrounder Stoinis who strikes. The first ball he bowls. It’s a cutter, Qdk edges it behind to Pant.

After 4 overs, MI 45/0 (Rohit 21, QDk 20): The Rohit Sharma pull shot graces the IPL 2020 final. Short of length from Nortje, sent soaring over midwicket for a six. There was a more finer scoop for a four earlier in the over too. Rohit is in the mood alright.

Good news for MI as Ishan Kishan is padded up in the dugout.

After 3 overs, MI 33/0 (Rohit 9, Qdk 20): There is no sparing anyone from Qdk, match-ups be damned. What was shaping into a good over from Ashwin, is turned around with a four off the last ball. MI are off to a flier.

Not sure about that, given MI batting strength?

After 2 overs, MI 26/0 (Rohit 7, Qdk 15): What an over for MI! A four, six and four for QdK as he goes hard against Rabada. There was a leg-bye for four as well thrown into the mix. The six was a massive hit over midwicket. Phew, this MI batting order is something else.

Rabada to QdK... who’s going to bring the Protea Fire?

After 1 over, MI 8/0 (Rohit 7, Qdk 1): Well, well, well. Rohit was beaten in the air by Ashwin, did not get to the pitch of the ball, but still has enough on this to clear the fielder at long on. So close to another duck, but it’s a six. Maybe Lara’s funny feeling was right.

Ashwin to Rohit. Ended up in Rohit getting out on zero in Qualifier 1. What’s in store tonight?

Here we go: Rohit and QdK are in the middle. “Believe” is the buzzword. Who’s taking this?

Innings break: It’s the kind of target that will give both teams hope of winning. There is enough here for the bowlers but one gets the feeling, the MI batting might is just going to be a bit too good.

Innings break: Summary of the Delhi Capitals innings. From 22/3, getting to 156/7 seems like a brilliant recovery. From 118/3 after 14.5, getting 38 off the last 31 balls seems like a wasted opportunity.

Innings break: Brian Lara has “a funny feeling” that Rohit is going to play a key innings tonight.

Innings break: Must be said, a superb last over by NCN. Shreyas did hit a six off the fifth ball but that’s about that. Two wickets too, as Rabada is out going for a second run off the last ball. MI finish the innings strongly. Target for MI: 157.

End of 20 overs: DC 156/6

Over 19.2: WICKET! Slower short ball does the trick for NCN . seems to be the way to go on this pitch. Axar find Anukul Roy at deep midwicket.

After 19 overs, DC 148/5: Individual awards aside, that’s a good comeback by Bumrah after an expensive over. Just six off it. And should have had the wicket of Shreyas, if only Umpire’s Call on impact was not a thing in cricket. One of the worst things there is.

ALERT: Purple Cap for Rabada! Bumrah goes wicketless.

After 18 overs, DC 142/5: A boundary for Axar through the offside off Boult but the Kiwi pacer did the job for his captain.

Axar, an unsung hero in this DC squad, comes in.

Over 17.2: AND BOULT STRIKES THRICE! Hetmyer out for 5 off 5 balls. What a superb change of pace. It was an off-cutter-bouncer and the WI batsman was way too early into position to play a shot. Ended up hitting it straight to NCN at short-third. DC 137/5.

Last 3 overs, 28 runs and a wicket. Can DC keep their momentum going? Boult comes in, DC will target him here you think.

After 17 overs, DC 136/4: A 11-run over off Bumrah in the death. Gold for Delhi.

FIFTY FOR SHREYAS IYER! 16th in IPL, third this season. And what a time to bring it up. Gets there off 40 balls with a four and two off Bumrah. And like Pant, celebrates the landmark with a boundary. (DC will hope the next couple of deliveries will not be like Pant’s).

After 16 overs, DC 125/4: Hetmyer comes in and hits a four in Jayant’s over to get going. 7 from the over and it actually is the end of a brilliant spell from the off-spinner.

Over 14.6: WICKET! Four, four, dot, out. Coulter-Nile gets Pant (56). The left-hander tried to loft it again over fine legn but it went straight to Hardik in the deep. No short fine leg that time, was pushed back and Pant fell into the trap.

HALF CENTURY! THE FIRST OF THE SEASON! 12th in IPL. Gets there off 35 deliveries, with a paddle over the short fine leg fielder off Coulter-Nile. Follows that up with a top-edge behind the keeper for another boundary. What a night to bring your best effort of the season. Go on, Rishabh.

Pant on the verge of first fifty of the season... NCN into the attack.

After 14 overs, DC 108/3 (Shreyas 41, Pant 48): IT looked like MI will get away with bowling Krunal for a over here but Pant plays a delightful paddle past short-fine to finish that over with a four. Good over for Delhi. That partnership is now 86 off 65.

Mahela Jayawardene: These two have batted well, have taken chances. We reminded the bowlers about the match-ups during the time-out. End of the day, it’s about how they execute. Looks like it’s going to be a good final. Want them to enjoy the final.

Krunal back, with Pant on strike... this is interesting.

After 13 overs, DC 99/3 (Shreyas 39, Pant 42): And now a good over for Mumbai Indians, just five singles from it. Nathan Coulter-Nile returns to the attack and does well to not bowl a boundary ball. Time for a strategic timeout. The momentum is definitely with DC at the moment. They’d want this partnership to carry on for a few more overs at least. That could help them get close to 170-180.

After 12 overs, DC 94/3 (Shreyas 38, Pant 39): Big over for Delhi Capitals! Kieron Pollard joins the attack and the DC batters decide to go after him. First Rishabh Pant pierces the gap between point and short-third to pick up four. Then Shreyas Iyer ends the over with a six over mid-wicket. This has been a superb partnership for the Capitals.

After 11 overs, DC 81/3 (Shreyas 30, Pant 34): Smart no-risk batting from the Delhi batsmen against Bumrah to see that over off. Dealing in ones and twos. They wouldn’t have to worry about him till the end now. A good short ball to finish the over, Shreyas plays a ramp that doesn’t carry to NCN at third man, placed fine.

Bumrah in, as MI seek to break this partnership.

After 10 overs, DC 75/3 (Shreyas 26, Pant 32): FIRST SIX OF THE NIGHT! And that’s followed the second in the same over. Has Pant decided to play a special knock in the final after all? Boy, that would be exciting. The leftie takes on Krunal, first down the ground and then his trademark slog sweep. Both timed brilliantly. Suddenly, the scoreboard doesn’t look too bad for DC.

Timeout: How good has Jayant Yadav been for MI today? Comes into the squad for a big match, takes Dhawan’s wicket and has figures of 3-0-18-1 so far.

After 9 overs, DC 59/3 (Shreyas 22, Pant 12): Eight runs in the Jayant over, without a boundary. This is good running between the wickets by the Delhi batsmen. A couple of twos for Pant to finish that over.

After 8 overs, DC 51/3 (Shreyas 22, Pant 12): Just a couple of filler overs for Krunal here you’d think. A boundary-less over from him is good for MI. The 50 comes up in that over.

After 7 overs, DC 46/3 (Shreyas 19, Pant 10): Good intent from Pant while running between the wickets. Not been the case during the tournament, you know. Tidy over from Jayant.

After 6 overs, DC 41/3 (Shreyas 19, Pant 5): Another boundary for Shreyas in that NCN over, trickled past fine leg. A decent finish to the powerplay for DC.

OUCH:! Shreyas Iyer gives himself room and absolutely smashes one through point. Ishan somehow gets his hand to it and it doesn’t stick. Painful.

After 5 overs, DC 35/3 (Shreyas 14, Pant 4): Two boundaries in the Boult over for Delhi captain. Uppish, but through the gap on the offside. Refreshing from Shreyas, he is going the Eoin Morgan way by the looks of things. DC need him to play a blinder.

After 4 overs, DC 25/3 (Shreyas 5, Pant 3): Trent Boult’s magic in the powerplay. Jayant Yadav, included to combat left-handers, removes Shikhar Dhawan. Not even 20 minutes into the match, MI have already produced a masterclass. Just too darn good.

Over 3.3: OH DEAR! WICKET! Jayant strikes in the first over and it’s the big one. Around the wicket, drifting in, turns away and Dhawan plays all over the sweep shot. BOWLED!

Boult’s wicket off the first ball:

After 3 overs, DC 20/2 (Dhawan 14, Shreyas 4): Two boundaries in that over. Dhawan hit one over off-side, and then Shreyas edged one over slips off a bouncer. Almost gave a return catch too off the last ball. What an over, Boult is getting the ball to talk and then some.

Over 2.4, WICKET! Lightning Boult has struck again for MI. Has struck again against Delhi. Rahane is out for the third time against the left-arm seamer as he walks across and edges one to the keeper down the leg side. DC 16/2.

After 2 overs, DC 11/1 (Dhawan 9, Rahane 2): What a game of chess, that Bumrah over to Dhawan. We all knew the full ball was going to come, was a question of when. Short of length, bouncer, and boom! Dhawan gets away with it. The ball tailed in, took the inside edge, hit the pads, and trickled past the stumps. Smiles all around. Brilliant.

After 1 over, DC 5/1 (Dhawan 4, Rahane 1): Rahane got going with a single that was almost a replay of the LBW dismissal of his from Qualifier 1. Dhawan then hits the first four of the match with a flick past square leg. A wicket and five runs. Boult has got MI off to a fine start.

Stat: FIFTEEN WICKETS in the powerplay for Boult in this season. Your daily reminder that Delhi Capitals traded Trent Boult to Mumbai Indians.

Over 0.1: WICKET!!! WHAT A START! TRENT BOULT, YOU STAR! Gets the ball to shape back in and Marcus Stoinis is out for a first-ball duck. Injury worries for Boult? Well, not from the evidence of that delivery.

Here we go. Stoinis and Dhawan walking out to open the innings for DC. We are moments away from the start of the final.

Confirmation of playing XIs for IPL final:

Mumbai Indians Delhi Capitals
Rohit Sharma (C) Marcus Stoinis
Quinton de Kock (W) Shikhar Dhawan
Suryakumar Yadav Shreyas Iyer (C)
Ishan Kishan Shimron Hetmyer
Hardik Pandya Rishabh Pant (W)
Kieron Pollard Ajinkya Rahane
Krunal Pandya Axar Patel
Nathan Coulter-Nile Pravin Dubey
Trent Boult Ravichandran Ashwin
Jayant Yadav Kagiso Rabada
Jasprit Bumrah Anrich Nortje

7.23 pm: It’s been a rollercoaster season for Shikhar Dhawan. His best ever run tally but he’s also been out for a duck four times!

Shikhar Dhawan in IPL

Mat Runs SR 100 50
Overall 176 5182 126.91 2 41
2020 17 603 145.65 2 4
2019 16 521 135.67 0 5
2018 16 497 136.91 0 4
2017 14 479 127.39 0 3
2016 17 501 116.78 0 4
2015 14 353 123.42 0 3
2014 14 377 118.18 0 2
2013 10 311 122.92 0 3
2012 15 569 129.61 0 5
2011 14 400 129.03 0 2
2010 10 191 112.35 0 2
2009 5 40 88.88 0 0
2008 14 340 115.25 0 4

Picture perfect: Two Mumbaikars up against each other!

7.16 pm: Having never dismissed Shikhar Dhawan in IPL before, Jasprit Bumrah came up with a special, special delivery to dismiss the opener in Qualifier 1. We are still not tired watching this.

7.14 pm: With Delhi batting first, we are likely to see Marcus Stoinis open the batting again with Shikhar Dhawan. It was a memorable outing for the Aussie star in Qualifier 2.

How Marcus Stoinis got angry and smashed SRH into submission with a superb all-round show

7.10 pm: Time to break the trend eh, Mumbai Indians fans?

Team news: Delhi, after their impressive win against SRH, go in with an unchanged XI. One change for MI, as it was hinted before the match and many expected. Leg-spinner Rahul Chahar misses out and off-spinner Jayant Yadav comes into the XI. Rohit calls it a tactical move given the number of left-handers DC have.

MILESTONE ALERT: This is Rohit Sharma’s 200th IPL match.

TOSS NEWS: Shreyas Iyer has won the toss and Delhi Capitals will be BATTING FIRST!

6.55 pm: Leading performers so far...

For Delhi: Shikhar Dhawan (603 runs) is the leading scorer, Kagiso Rabada with 29 wickets is the leading wicket-taker. And Marcus Stoinis is the only player in the tournament with 350+ runs and 10+ wickets.

For MI: Ishan Kishan and Quinton de Kock (483 runs) are the leading scorers. Jasprit Bumrah with 27 wickets is the leading wicket-taker. Ishan is also, believe it or not, is topping the six-hitting chart at the moment.

6.51 pm: We have had more votes on our daily prediction tweet than usual and surprisingly, Delhi seem to be overwhelmingly favoured there. Must have slipped into the Delhi fan Twitterverse!

6.43 pm: Relive the four previous IPL triumphs of Mumbai Indians.

Did you notice that in every one of four those finals Rohit and Co had Dhoni in the opposition team?

6.37 pm: Early good news for Mumbai, Trent Boult seems to be in good spirits during the warm-up. Having him fit would be a big boost for the defending champions.

6.35 pm: Shreyas Iyer and Co will be looking to avert a hat-trick in IPLs.

IPL 2018: CSK 4, SRH 0.

IPL 2019: MI 4, CSK 0.

IPL 2020: MI have a 3-0 lead over Delhi.

6.30 pm: When Rohit Sharma and Ricky Ponting celebrated Mumbai Indians’ first IPL title together. Tonight, they will be on opposite sides. Rohit, looking for his 5th title as MI captain. Ponting, hoping to see Delhi win their first.

IPL 2013: When Rohit Sharma took over from Ricky Ponting and took MI to the title... (IPL / BCCI)

6.28 pm: Famous fifth title for Mumbai Indians or special first for Delhi Capitals?

Read the final preview here.

6.15 pm: Before we look ahead to this final, let’s revisit the Women’s T20 Challenge final last night.

06.10 pm: Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the Indian Premier League! It’s match No 60 of IPL 2020. It’s the final. It’s Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals. We cannot wait for this to get started.

It’s been a tough year all around. On an individual level, our resolve and patience has been tested like, arguably, never before. So, as this tournament draws to a close, let’s take a moment to appreciate the escape from reality that the cricket on offer has provided. The IPL certainly doesn’t change what’s happening in the world, but it’s been a relief, a welcome distraction.

Right, then.

After a playoffs race that went to the wire, we are finally down to two teams. IPL’s most successful skipper Rohit Sharma will be itching to win his fifth title as captain after a tough couple of weeks on the personal front while the Capitals, a team that had flattered to deceive for a dozen editions, will finally have a chance of realising its potential and erasing years of heartbreak.

Mumbai Indians’s road to the final – watch video highlights of all their matches

Delhi Capitals’s road to the final – watch video highlights of all their matches

Videos and photos in the live blog courtesy iplt20.com