An incident of racial abuse came to light on Saturday after an undated video shot in Poland showed a person, claiming to be from America, calling an Indian man a “parasite” and “an invader”.

In a two-minute footage, the Indian man, walking on a street, asks why he is being filmed. In response, the abuser repeatedly asks him why he is in Europe. Several Twitter users have tagged the Warsaw Police and the US Embassy in Poland in comments of the video that has gone viral on social media.

“I am from America,” the abuser be heard saying in the video. “In America, there is too many of you guys. Why are you in Poland? Do you think you can invade Poland? You have your own country. How come you don’t go back to your own country?”

The man later claims to be a European and that Poland was “his country”.

“Why are you people invading our homelands,” he asks further. “Why are you people coming to white man’s lands. To take from our hardwork? Why don’t you build your own country? Why are you being a parasite? Do you think its okay for you to invade Europe?”

In the video, the man also accuses the Indian of committing genocide of the European race.

The incident came to light days after a group of Indian-American women were assaulted and racially abused in Texas of the United States. In this case, the police had arrested a woman, identified as Esmeralda Upton, on August 25 and charged her for assault and terrorist threats.