The Canadian police is investigating a bomb threat on a Turkish Airlines flight from New York City to Ankara that caused the plane to divert and land in the eastern port city of Halifax on Sunday. The city’s airport confirmed on Twitter that the plane with 256 passengers on board had landed safely.

The Royal Canadian Mountain Police said on Twitter that it is looking to establish the origin of the threat and identify the person or people responsible. The police will also be searching the plane and the luggage, but did not provide any further details on the threat. It said that the bomb threat was received at 10.50 pm local time, which was after the flight had taken off from New York, reported the Associated Press.

Last week, an Air France flight from Dulles in the United States was also diverted to Halifax after an anonymous bomb threat. An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation had found no credibility in the threat, while the police did not find any explosives on the aircraft. The threat came days after the Paris terror attacks that killed 130 people.