British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday won the confidence vote in Parliament on her legislative plans, known as the Queen’s Speech, AFP reported. She won the House of Commons vote with the Democratic Unionist Party’s support for the Conservatives.

This parliamentary vote determines whether a United Kingdom government has the confidence of the House of Commons.

The Tories had failed to reach the 326-mark to win a majority in the June 8 snap elections, which had led to a hung Parliament. May’s minority government had reached a deal with the Northern Ireland’s DUP, which got her the support of 10 of the party’s MPs in vital votes for legislation in the UK House of Commons. This gives her a working majority of 13 parliamentarians.

The majority of the Bills in the Queen’s Speech are related to Britain’s exit from the European Union. The Brexit negotiations began on June 19, with May’s Brexit proposals facing criticism from various quarters.