The registrar of Thiruvalluvar University in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday wrote to the state’s principal secretary of education stating that Delhi University Students’ Union President Ankiv Baisoya had never been a student of the university as he claimed to be. The Thiruvalluvar University registrar said that a certificate Baisoya had submitted to gain admission for a post-graduate course in Delhi University was fake.

In September, a few days after Baisoya was elected president of the Delhi University Students’ Union, the Congress students’ wing – National Students’ Union of India – circulated a letter from Thiruvalluvar University’s Controller of Examinations stating that the certificates Baisoya had submitted to gain admission to Delhi University’s Buddhist Studies department were fake.

Baisoya, who is from the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Praishad, had claimed that he studied “several types of subjects” at Thiruvalluvar University in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore from 2013 to 2016.

“Ankiv Baisoya has not enrolled either in our university or in any of our constituent or affiliated colleges and is not our student at all,” Thiruvalluvar University Registrar V Peruvalluthi said in the letter dated October 3 that has a copy of.

The registrar also reiterated that the exam controller’s letter was genuine. “The certificate he [Baisoya] has produced is fake and not from our university,” the registrar’s letter said. “The controller of examination has issued a letter stating that the certificate is not genuine after official verification of records of the controller of examinations office.”

Delhi University has initiated an inquiry into the matter but is dragging its feet over it.

KTS Sarao, the head of Buddhist Studies department, told The Times of India that the university wrote to Thiruvalluvar University last week “with six semester marksheets and requested it to verify them”. The department has claimed that it has not received a response from the university yet.

Meanwhile, Delhi University has decided to bundle fake marksheet allegations against Baisoya with another 200 such cases, reported The Times of India. Sarao said he had received 12 complaints against 200 students for submitting fake marksheets.