Fresh violence broke out at Manipur University on Wednesday as students clashed with the police, who used tear gas shells to bring order. At least 17 students were detained later, according to The Indian Express.

The clash followed a demonstration by students in front of the administrative block, demanding the release of students and teachers who were arrested after a midnight raid on campus on September 20, PTI reported. When the protestors demanded to meet Acting Vice Chancellor K Yugindro, the police prevented them from doing so.

Members of the Manipur University Teachers’ Association, who went on mass casual leave on Wednesday to protest against the delay in releasing the arrested students and teachers, denounced the police action on campus.

There have been intense protests at the university in the last few months. The institution was shut between May 31 and August 23, as the Manipur University Students’ Union, backed by the Manipur University Teachers’ Association, agitated for the removal of Vice Chancellor Adya Prasad Pandey, who they accused of “administrative ineptitude” and “saffronisation”. Pandey was suspended on September 19 and will remain under suspension till an inquiry against him is complete.

Yugindro was appointed the acting vice chancellor after Pandey’s suspension. On September 20, Yugindro had registered a First Information Report with the police following the midnight raid. While 89 students and teachers were arrested, the police had later released all but 15 of them.