A student in Mangaluru, Karnataka, was on Sunday caught trying to smuggle his friend into his apartment in a suitcase amid the 21-day nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, PTI reported. The student resorted to the desperate measure as the apartment’s association had forbidden any outsider from entering.

However, the residents of the apartment complex grew suspicious about something moving about in the suitcase as he was dragging it in, and made the teenager open it. To their astonishment, another individual popped out.

The residents called the police, who took the two boys to the police station. Later, the parents of both the boys were summoned.

“As the boy was bored at being stuck at home due to the lockdown all alone, he tried to wheel in his friend for company,” Kadri Police Station Sub Inspector N Vishwanath told The News Minute. “He did this by pushing him in a suitcase through the apartment security gate. But he was caught by neighbours in the apartment building, who found that the baggage was wobbling.”

Vishwanath said that the boy’s friend was sent home while the teenager was let off without a case being filed, considering their age.

Karnataka has so far reported 232 cases of Covid-19, including six deaths, according to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

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