Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday continued his criticism of the Narendra Modi government during his visit to Tamil Nadu, accusing the prime minister of destroying India’s agrarian economy with his pro-market farm laws, reported ANI. Gandhi said the three controversial farm legislations will hurt the livelihoods of farmers and help big corporates.

“The prime minister is attacking our farmers,” Gandhi said at a rally in Karur district. “He has brought three new laws which are going to destroy Indian agriculture, and hand it over to 2-3 big industrialists. Imagine that one of the laws clearly states that farmers can’t go to court to protect themselves.”

The Congress lawmaker had said on Sunday that his party will not allow Modi to “destroy the foundation of India”. He had said the hundreds and thousands of farmers camping at Delhi’s borders were not “celebrating’ the laws” but were protesting because “they understand you [the government] are robbing their future”, reported the Hindustan Times.

At his rally on Monday, Gandhi accused Modi of polarising the country by running a Hindu nationalist government. “If we look at the nation and we see what the PM [prime minister] has done over the last six years, we see a weakened India, a divided India, an India where BJP-RSS ideology keeps spreading hatred throughout the country,” the Congress leader said, according to the Hindustan Times. “Our biggest strength, our economy has been demolished.”

He said that prime minister Modi was alone to take the blame for the dismal state of the country’s economy. “Our youngsters are no longer capable of getting jobs and it is not their fault,” he added. “It is the fault of the actions taken by our prime minister.”

Gandhi is on a three-day visit to Tamil Nadu, which is scheduled to hold Assembly elections later this year. Besides holding multiple rallies and a road show, the Congress leader met farmers, weavers, and representatives of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the state.

On Sunday, he accused the prime minister of insulting Tamil language and culture, asserting that the Congress will not allow him to disrespect the state anymore. The Congress leader said that Tamil Nadu needed a new government that it could be proud of.

This the second visit of the Congress leader to the state this month. On January 14, Gandhi visited Madurai to attend a game of Jallikattu, the traditional bull taming sport of Tamil Nadu.