Kevin Spacey’s first release after being accused of sexual harassment has taken $126 on its opening day, trade reports said.

Billionaire Boys Club was released on Friday in eight theatres across the United States of America. “The indie film earned an abysmal $126 for the day and another $162 on Saturday for a two-day total of just $287 following its release on premium VOD last month, according to those with access to theater grosses,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication estimated that the weekend earnings would be as little as $425.

The movie, directed by James Cox, is based on an investing club in California of the same name that was exposed as being a front for a Ponzi scheme. Spacey plays con artist Ron Levin.

The cast includes Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton and Emma Roberts. It was Spacey’s last project before accusations of sexual misconduct began surfacing in October.

Billionaire Boys Club (2018).

Spacey was replaced with Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott’s movie All The Money in the World (2017) and dropped from the Netflix series House of Cards. “Billionaire Boys Club could serve as a final act for Spacey, who has no additional projects in the works,” Entertainment Weekly said.

The handful of reviews (the movie hasn’t been released in the major centres New York and Los Angeles) were not encouraging. The San Francisco Chronicle described Billionaire Boys Club as a “so-so rendering of a remarkable real-life story” and said about Spacey that he “looks like he’s slumming, like he knows he can do anything, and so his performance is filled with little spontaneous touches”.

Variety said that Spacey “delivers one of his great egomaniacal scenery-chewing performances”, and noted that “There are no billionaires here, just a lot of testosterone where the movie’s brains ought to be”.