Look anywhere on the internet, past the pages and pages of animal and baby videos and you will see images and videos of and about...food. We love to eat so much that many places around the world even have a fat tax, to make people who eat too much and without discretion think twice before ingesting heavy calorific food items.

But there's something else that must come first. It must be chopped, smashed, desiccated, deboned, deveined, shredded – you get the picture. And more than anything, it's important to not waste any precious food while performing this barbaric rituals. Especially when it comes to dealing with the most expensive food item in the world and signifier of the "good life" wherever you might be – the lobster.

In one of the recent videos by Masterchef, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay teaches a roomful of awestruck contestants (the reactions are too perfect to seem natural though) how to get every last ounce of flesh from a lobster. Now, any video that begins by someone saying "you got to kill it quickly and you do this safe and as humane as possibly" is not going to be an easy watch. Watch out for the music and editing though, they make it seem like a life and death situation. Or read the Reddit thread that examines the technical merits or demerits of the video to be more accurate.

Ramsay has a particular fondness for these marine animals. Here's him doing a cook-off with Jeremy Clarkson, former host of Top Gear, who realises that people saying he is "full of shit" might have something because until Ramsay shows him, he had never removed the poop chute while cleaning a lobster. In another video, the chef tries to answer the question, "Is there something like too much lobster?"


Recently, the UN warned that global fish production has reached the sustainable limit and 90 per cent of stock is either overfished or fully fished. It's going to be difficult to stop that global fish consumption when there are completely mechanised ways to get that meat out of the lobster.