On May 13, Congress President Rahul Gandhi appeared in an interview on News Nation with anchors Deepak Chaurasia and Ajay Kumar. One of the answers he gave has become a hit on social media.

During the interview, Chaurasia brought up an answer that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given to a challenge posed by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi during her campaign for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Priyanka Gandhi had challenged Modi to fight the elections on the issues of demonetisation and the GST.

In reply, Modi had said that his party had fought and won Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat assembly elections on these very issues. When Chaurasia pointed this out to Rahul Gandhi, the Congress president quipped, “Was this answer already written on the sheet of paper he was holding during his interview?”

The prime minister had appeared on News Nation for an interview with Deepak Chaurasia, couple of days before Rahul Gandhi. Modi’s interview came under fire since it appeared that the questions were known to the prime minister prior to the interview. A video was posted on the internet where Modi was seen holding a sheet of paper with one of the questions printed on it.

Watch the full video of the interview with Rahul Gandhi here: