A feature-length documentary on renowned chef and television host Anthony Bourdain is in the works, Vanity Fair reported. Bourdain committed suicide on June 8, sending his fans around the world into shock.

The documentary will be produced by the television network CNN, which hosted the popular series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. The twelfth and final season of the series will be aired later this year. CNN is working on the documentary along with Zero Point Zero, which produced Bourdain’s television series. The film is being described as “the definitive Bourdain feature documentary”, Vanity Fair reported, and it will be shown at film festivals early next year before being screened in theatres and then on the network.

Amy Entelis, CNN’s executive vice president for talent and content, told Vanity Fair, “…there was still a hunger to know more about him, and to honor his work and celebrate him.”

The documentary doesn’t have a title yet. “We just want to make it perfect,” Entelis told Vanity Fair. “We want to make it exquisite for Tony. We want to do him justice.”

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.