A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Supreme Court judges’ press conference ‘could have been avoided’, says Attorney General KK Venugopal: Congress President Rahul Gandhi called for an investigation into the judges’ allegations.   
  2. China is powerful, but India is not a weak nation either, says Army Chief General Bipin Rawat: He said Beijing ‘was exerting pressure’ but the troops would be able to handle any security situation at the borders.
  3. Retail inflation rises to a 16-month high of 5.21% in December 2017: Prices of vegetables rose by 29.13%, and those of eggs by 9.48%.   
  4. New passports may not serve as address proof as Centre plans to do away with the last page: The changes will not affect people holding old passports till the time they are valid, the Ministry of External Affairs said.   
  5. US President Donald Trump denies making derogatory remarks against certain countries: The American president had purportedly referred to third-world nations from Africa, along with Haiti and El Salvador, as ‘shithole countries’.   
  6. Infosys reports 37.6% rise in net profit in October-December 2017 quarter: The company’s attrition rate declined to 15.8% in the third quarter from 17.2% in the second.   
  7. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s convoy attacked with stones, two security officials injured: The chief minister has been touring the state since mid-December to monitor the government’s development schemes.   
  8. India’s industrial production surged by 8.4% in November 2017: As many as 15 out of 23 industry groups in the manufacturing sector showed positive growth in November.   
  9. Saudi Arabia opens sports stadiums for women for the first time on Friday: They will be segregated by barriers from the male crowd.   
  10. Jet Airways will bar passengers from carrying smart luggage with non-removable batteries from Monday: The airline said if the battery is removed, the luggage could be carried in the cabin baggage.