From speaking to the people who work outdoors in India's unbearable heat to understanding how women navigate India as heads of their households, Scroll's coverage in 2015 has run the gamut. You've had a chance to find out just how much Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves the camera, what it's like to step into the Bigg Boss house and discover forgotten stories about Filipino swing musicians in 1930s Bihar.

We even invited an outside investigator to examine whether Scroll has turned into a nest of Adarsh Liberals.

This year, Scroll won the Red Ink award for being the News Start-up of the Year, and our reporters won awards (two of them, in one case), investigated allegedly corrupt politicians forcing them to resign and got detained by the police for reporting on beef.

There was a lot to read on Scroll in 2015, and you really should go back and read all of it. On the off chance that you don't have the time to do that, however, here is a quick look back at the year through some of our best stories, by our amazing team of reporters, editors and general busybodies. We hope you enjoyed reading and watching and hearing everything on Scroll this year, and if you'd like to see more from any one on our team, just click on their names below.

Happy reading, and have a happy new year!

A is for authors, which is something you should not aim to be. (Arunava Sinha).

B for Bangladesh, India’s next big cricket rival. (Angikaar Choudhury).

C is for communal policing, which has taken its toll on Mangalore (Nayantara Narayanan).

D is for drought, which is leaving the poor in UP with nothing to eat. (Supriya Sharma).

E is extortion, which is what taxation in Nagaland often seems like. (Ipsita Chakravarty).

F for FTII, which is much more than just Rajkumar Hirani. (Nandini Ramnath)

G is for Goswami, who is the Dhoni and Salman of India TV. (Overrated Outcast)

H is for hire & fire, which explains why labour reforms won’t make much a difference. (Anumeha Yadav).

I is for industry, which is running away from Punjab. (M Rajshekhar).

J is for jazz from South Asia, which is taking over the world. (Nate Rabe)

K is for killing writers and rationalists, something we had to witness in 2015. (Shreya Ila Anusuya).

L is for Lalit Modi, who served as the breaking point for some unhappy BJP MPs. (Anita Katyal).

M is for Maggi, which is not as dangerous as Ayurveda (Girish Shahane).

N is for Netaji, and the Baba who people thought he had turned himself into. (Dhirendra Jha)

O is for the Other John Abraham, who toured through villages in Kerala making people’s cinema. (Manish Gaekwad)

P is for pooling of land, which is how Amaravati will be built. (Mridula Chari) .

Q is for queue, which is what kills most blood cancer patients in India. (Sumegha Gulati)

R for Ramadan, not Ramzan. (Shoaib Daniyal)

S for Sinners like you, which is what our reporter was called when covering a beef protest. (Mayank Jain)

T is for taboo, with Indian sportswomen speaking out about menstruation. (Aarefa Johari)

U is for unimaginable, which is what you will think after you’ve heard sights and sounds from  from the labour room of an Indian public hospital. (Sohini Chattopadhyay)

V is for video, specifically these chilling visuals depicting an elephant capture in India. (Scroll Video)

W is for World Yoga Day, which is a mix of cultural nationalism, commercialisation and subtle coercion. (Ajaz Ashraf)

X is for XXX which Shovon Chowdhury wants to be the Ombudsman of.

Y is Yakub Memon, and the many wrong messages that his hanging sends. (Jyoti Punwani)

Z is for this zebra crossing, which looked like it was melting in this summer’s heatwaves. (Rohan Venkataramakrishnan).